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Communication Eeprom Write Selection (pr. 342) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700PJ Instruction Manual

Air-conditioning inverter.
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 The fault output indicates fault output signal (ALM signal) or alarm bit output.
 When the setting was made to provide a fault output, the fault description is stored into the faults history. (The fault description
is written to the faults history when a fault output is provided.)
When no fault output is provided, the fault record overwrites the fault indication of the faults history temporarily, but is not
After the fault is removed, the fault indication returns to the ordinary monitor, and the faults history returns to the preceding fault
 When the Pr. 502 setting is "1, 2 or 3", the deceleration time is the ordinary deceleration time setting (e.g. Pr. 8, Pr. 44, Pr. 45). In
addition, acceleration time for restart is the normal acceleration time (e.g. Pr. 7, Pr. 44).
 When "2 or 3" is set in Pr. 502, run command/speed command at restart follows the command before an fault occurrence.
 When "2" is set in Pr. 502 at occurrence of a communication error and the error is removed during deceleration, the inverter
accelerates again at that point.
If the communication error setting is disabled with Pr. 502 = "3," Pr. 121 = "9999," and Pr. 122 = "9999," the inverter does
not continue its operation with the frequency set by Pr. 779 at a communication error.
If a communication error occurs while continuous operation at Pr. 779 is selected with Pr. 502 = "3," the inverter operates
at the frequency set in Pr. 779 even though the speed command source is at the external terminals.
Example) If a communication error occurs while Pr. 339 = "2" and the external terminal RL is ON, the operation is
continued at the frequency set in Pr. 779.
After a communication error has been removed while Pr. 502 = "3," the inverter starts its operation in accordance with the
start and speed commands which were set before the error.
Parameters referred to
Pr. 7 Acceleration time, Pr. 8 Deceleration time
Pr. 190, Pr. 192 (output terminal function selection)

4.20.4 Communication EEPROM write selection (Pr. 342)

When parameter write is performed from RS-485 communication with the inverter PU connector, parameters storage
device can be changed from EEPROM + RAM to RAM only. Set when a frequent parameter change is necessary.
Communication EEPROM
write selection
The above parameter can be set when Pr. 160 Extended function display selection = "0". (Refer to page 197)
 When changing the parameter values frequently, set "1" in Pr. 342 to write them to the RAM only.
The life of the EEPROM will be shorter if parameter write is performed frequently with the setting unchanged from "0 (initial
value)" (EEPROM write).
 When "1" (write to RAM only) is set in Pr. 342, powering OFF the inverter will erase the changed parameter values. Therefore,
the parameter values available when power is switched ON again are the values stored in EEPROM previously.
Communication operation and setting
Refer to page 113
Refer to page 140
Initial Value
Setting Range
Parameter values written by communication are
written to the EEPROM and RAM.
Parameter values written by communication are
written to RAM.


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