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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700PJ Instruction Manual Page 161

Air-conditioning inverter.
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Monitor display and monitor output signal
Cumulative energization time and actual operation time monitor (Pr. 171, Pr. 563, Pr. 564)
Cumulative energization time monitor (Pr. 52 = "20") accumulates energization time from shipment of the inverter every
one hour.
On the actual operation time monitor (Pr. 52 = "23"), the inverter running time is added up every hour. (Time is not added
up during a stop.)
If the monitored value exceeds 65535, it is added up from 0. You can check the numbers of cumulative energization time
monitor exceeded 65535h with Pr. 563 and the numbers of actual operation time monitor exceeded 65535h with Pr. 564.
Writing "0" to Pr. 171 clears the cumulative energization power monitor. (The cumulative time monitor can not be cleared.)
 The cumulative energization time does not increase if the power is ON for less than an hour.
 The actual operation time does not increase if the cumulative running time during power-ON status is less than an hour.
 If "0" is written to Pr. 171 and Pr. 171 is read again, "9999" is always displayed. Setting "9999" does not clear the actual operation
time meter.
You can select the decimal digits of the monitor (Pr. 268)
As the operation panel display is 4 digits long, the decimal places may vary at analog input, etc. The decimal places can
be hidden by selecting the decimal digits.
In such a case, the decimal digits can be selected by Pr. 268.
Pr. 268 Setting
9999 (initial value)
No function
For the first or second decimal places (0.1 increments or 0.01 increments) of the monitor, numbers in the first
decimal place and smaller are rounded to display an integral value (1 increments).The monitor value smaller than
0.99 is displayed as 0.
When 2 decimal places (0.01 increments) are monitored, the 0.01 decimal place is dropped and the monitor
displays the first decimal place (0.1 increments). The monitored digits in 1 increments are displayed.
 The number of display digits on the cumulative energization time (Pr. 52 = "20"), actual operation time (Pr. 52 = "23"),
cumulative power (Pr. 52 = "25"), and cumulative power saving monitor (Pr. 52 = "51") does not change.
Parameters referred to
Pr. 30 Regenerative function selection, Pr. 70 Special regenerative brake duty
Pr. 37 Speed display
Pr. 55 Frequency monitoring reference, Pr. 56 Current monitoring reference
Refer to page 150
Refer to page 131
Refer to page 157


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