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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700PJ Instruction Manual Page 4

Air-conditioning inverter.
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 The electronic thermal relay function does not guarantee
recommended to install both an external thermal and PTC
thermistor for overheat protection.
 Do not use a magnetic contactor on the inverter input for
frequent starting/stopping of the inverter. Otherwise, the
life of the inverter decreases.
 The effect of electromagnetic interference must be
reduced by using an EMC filter or by other means.
Otherwise nearby electronic equipment may be affected.
 Appropriate measures must be taken to suppress
harmonics. Otherwise power supply harmonics from the
inverter may heat/damage the power factor correction
capacitor and generator.
 When driving a 400V class motor by the inverter, the
motor must be an insulation-enhanced motor or measures
must be taken to suppress surge voltage. Surge voltage
attributable to the wiring constants may occur at the
motor terminals, deteriorating the insulation of the motor.
 When parameter clear or all parameter clear is performed,
the required parameters must be set again before starting
operations because all parameters return to the initial
 The inverter can be easily set for high-speed operation.
Before changing its setting, the performances of the
motor and machine must be fully examined.
 Stop status cannot be hold by the inverter's brake
function. In addition to the inverter's brake function, a
holding device must be installed to ensure safety.
 Before running an inverter which had been stored for a
long period, inspection and test operation must be
 Static electricity in your body must be discharged before
you touch the product. Otherwise the product may be
 Do not connect an IPM motor under the general-purpose
motor control settings (initial settings). Do not use a
general-purpose motor under the IPM motor control
setting. Doing so will cause a failure.
 In the system with an IPM motor, the inverter power must
be turned ON before closing the contacts of the contactor
at the output side.
(5) Emergency stop
 A safety backup such as an emergency brake must be
provided to prevent hazardous condition to the machine
and equipment in case of inverter failure.
 When the breaker on the inverter input side trips, the
wiring must be checked for fault (short circuit), and
internal parts of the inverter for a damage, etc. The cause
of the trip must be identified and removed before turning
ON the power of the breaker.
 When any protective function is activated, appropriate
corrective action must be taken, and the inverter must be
reset before resuming operation.
(6) Maintenance, inspection and parts replacement
 Do not carry out a megger (insulation resistance) test on
the control circuit of the inverter. It will cause a failure.
(7) Disposal
 The inverter must be treated as industrial waste.
General instruction
Many of the diagrams and drawings in this Instruction
Manual show the inverter without a cover or partially open
for explanation. Never operate the inverter in this manner.
The cover must be always reinstalled and the instruction in
this Instruction Manual must be followed when operating
the inverter.
For more details on a dedicated IPM motor, refer to the
Instruction Manual of the dedicated IPM motor.


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