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Troubleshooting; Autotest; Reporting Protocols And Formats; Reporting Fixed Codes In Sia And Contact Id - GE NX-10 Installer Manual

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Bus Power Fault


Table 23. Troubleshooting problems and solutions
The module is not sending messages.
The SIM PIN Accepted message is off. The
module provides GSM modem
information but no GSM operation works.
The SIM card is blocked. The SIM PIN
Accepted message is off and the SIM PUK
Required message is displayed.
The Logged into GSM Network message is
off and the Current Operator menu entry
is blank.


You can run a periodic autotest to ensure the system is working correctly. Autotest parameters are
configured on the control panel. You can configure the control panel to run autotests and place
autotest events in the event log without reporting them. You can then configure the GSM/GPRS
module to report the autotest events. You must enable the autotest event in the Control Panel menu,
using Events>Communications>Test Reports options.

Reporting protocols and formats

Reporting fixed codes in SIA and Contact ID

Table 24 lists the event codes sent for different reports (if enabled) when using SIA and Contact ID
formats. The numbers in brackets following the event is the number that is reported as the zone
number. If there are no parentheses, the zone is 0. An asterisk represents the first character from the
event code of the zone that is bypassed or in trouble.
Table 24. Event codes
There is a problem with the 13.8 V voltage supplied by the bus to the
Caused by
The antenna is faulty or
The SIM card is not inserted or
inserted incorrectly.
The SIM PIN code is not
correctly programmed.
The GSM operator ID number
is incorrect.
Contact ID
NX-10 Installers manual
Do this
Ensure the antenna is attached. Replace the
old or faulty antenna.
Insert the SIM card correctly.
Insert the SIM card into a mobile phone and
enter the PUK code.
Enter 00000 to enable automatic operator
Contact ID

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