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GE Simon Security System User Manual

GE Simon Security System User Manual

Simon security system user guide
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User Guide

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466-1871-01 Rev A
June 2004


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for GE Simon Security System

  • Page 1: User Guide

    *( 6HFXULW\ *(6HFXULW\FRP Part No: 60-875 600-1012 1 / 2 Chime Doors Simon System User Guide 466-1871-01 Rev A June 2004 Doors & Motion System Windows Sensors Status H O M E S E C U R I T Y Disarm 3 / 4 5 / 6...
  • Page 2 4,855,713. Except expressly provided herein, the purchase of this product shall not constitute a license or otherwise provide a right to practice a method covered by any of the identified patents. GE Security hereby grants the purchaser of this product a limited, non-exclusive license to practice the methods patented in the identified patents solely with products manufactured, sold or licensed by GE Security.
  • Page 3 Canada Notice The Canadian Department of Communications label identifies certified equipment. This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunica- tions network protective, operational, and safety requirements. The department does not guarantee the equipment will operate to the user’s satisfaction. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.
  • Page 4 *( 6HFXULW\ ‹!#ÃB@ÃTrpˆ…v‡’ÃTv€‚Ãv†ÃhÃ…rtv†‡r…rqÇ…hqr€h…xÂsÃB@ÃTrpˆ…v‡’Ã6yy‡ur…Ç…hqr !&$ÃSrqÃA‚‘ÃS‚hq 6…qrÃCvyy†ÃHIÃ$$ ! €h…x†Ãh…rÃ…‚ƒr…‡vr†Ã‚sÇurv…r…† 6yyÃ…vtu‡†Ã…r†r…‰rq...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction to Your Security System Security System Components ... 1 How You Communicate to Your System Control Panel ... 2 Remote Handheld Touchpad... 2 Dialog QS 1500 Touchtalk Interactive Keypad ... 2 Keychain Touchpad ... 3 Telephone... 3 Computer ... 3 How to Use Your Control Panel HOME SECURITY ...
  • Page 6 Guidelines for Preventing Accidental Alarms ... 10 How to Use an Off-Site Phone Using Touchpads and Keypads Touchpads and Keypads ... 11 System Status ... 11 ARM Doors & Windows ... 11 ARM Motion Sensors ... 12 Disarm... 12 Subdisarm ... 12 Lights ...
  • Page 7 Sensor Tampered... 24 Option 50 Detected ... 24 Siren 1 or 2 Failure ... 24 System Access Alarm ... 24 Testing Testing Sensors ... 25 Testing Communication ... 26 Setting the Clock... 26 Alarm System Limitations Service ... 27 Planning for Emergencies Emergency Planning ...
  • Page 9: Introduction To Your Security System

    These touchpads can either be 2 or 4-button. Sensors Indoor Motion Sensors detect motion in a protected indoor area. When motion is detected the panel may respond by sounding chimes or an alarm. Simon Security System...
  • Page 10: How You Communicate To Your System

    This keypad gives you the option to enter commands from a remote location (away from the control panel) in your house. It also allows you to hear panel messages when the System Status button is pressed. ° ° F, the Simon Security System...
  • Page 11: Keychain Touchpad

    (see the table “Status Beeps” of this manual to determine the meaning of panel/system beeps). Your Exit Delay is set for ___ seconds. Simon Security System HOME SECURITY CODE HOME CONTROL...
  • Page 12: Entry Delay

    Press Arm Motion Sensors button once. or keychain before entering Enter access code (if needed). your home. Check with your installer to find out how this option is programmed. Simon Security System...
  • Page 13: Code

    1/2 button twice and the 3/4 button twice to enter that access code. Access code lengths need to be between 3 and 6 digits and are set by the installer. Simon Security System Press the Arm Motion Sensors button twice.
  • Page 14: Home Control

    Turn on designated lights (with Lamp Modules) at a specific time. You can program what time the lights go on and off (see Programming - Light Control). ¾ Turn Time Activated Lights on: Press Time Lights button. Simon Security System...
  • Page 15: Sensor Activated Lights

    Press Chime Doors after you arm the system to silence status beeps. The panel will the Exit Delay Time. still beep at the beginning and end of the exit delay. Simon Security System Press Time Lights button. System must be disarmed. Press Sensor Lights button.
  • Page 16: Emergency

    3 beeps (feature must be programmed by installer) 6 beeps every minute. Press the SYSTEM STA- TUS button to stop beeps for 4 hours 20 beeps every minute for 5 minutes (feature must be programmed by the installer) Beep Response Simon Security System...
  • Page 17: Alarm Sirens And Lamp Modules

    The system will send the message twice. See “Programming Instructions”. Use the following table to determine what the numeric message is reporting. Phone Test Simon Security System Alarm Siren and X10 Light Information Fire X10 Lights...
  • Page 18: Dialog Qs 1500 Touchtalk Interactive Keypad

    -106 -106 Trouble -107 -107 Tamper -108 -108 -109 -109 Freeze -110 -110 Environmental -111 -111 Programming/Sensor Test -113 -113 -114 -114 -115 -115 -116 -116 -117 -117 -118 -118 -119 -119 -120 -120 -121 -121 -122 -122 Simon Security System...
  • Page 19: How To Use An Off-Site Phone

    Press Arm Doors & Windows button once to turn the security system protection on for all protected doors and windows. Simon Security System Call the panel phone number and let the phone ring once then hang up. Wait 10 - 40 seconds and call the panel again.
  • Page 20: Arm Motion Sensors

    Keychain Touchpad to disarm the system. Warning To avoid causing false alarms, check with your installer on how your touchpad options are programmed Security system devices cannot compensate you for the loss of life Simon Security System...
  • Page 21: Using A Computer

    MENU. Follow the prompts and flow arrows to complete the desired task. Notice the button flow diagrams following the Instruction Summary. Simon Security System LOCK Press once to arm doors and windows. LOCK Press twice to arm doors, windows, and Motion Sensors.
  • Page 22: Programming Instructions

    Cancel Access Code DONE If you make a mistake or want to , then Cancel start over press Sensor or Phone Test Test Hours Minutes DONE To select a test, press follow the voice prompting. See Note Simon Security System...
  • Page 23: Access Codes

    ¾ How to change an Access Code: ¾ How to Delete an Access Code: Delete Access Code Simon Security System Test Clock Set After pressing the appropriate button on the START MENU, the system voice will prompt you to use the MAIN MENU.
  • Page 24: Light Control

    Programming The following table is a list of options you can change. Options 01 - Panel Beeps 02 - Panel Voice Programming Options Option # * See “Option 43 - Pager/Voice Event Notification Phone Number” Delete Simon Security System...
  • Page 25: Option 01 - Status Beeps

    Option 02 - Panel Voice Panel Voice may be disabled, except for status messages, open sensor responses, and when in program mode. Add enables the panel voice. Simon Security System Programming Options Option # 12:00 am (midnight) to 11:59 pm...
  • Page 26: Option 03 - Latchkey Time

    Open panel cover. Panel announces, Use numbered keys to enter ID. Enter Access Code using the numbered keys. Panel announces, Please select from Start Menu. Press Add from the Start menu. Panel announces, Select from main menu Simon Security System...
  • Page 27: Option 37: Sensor Activated Light Lockout Stop Time

    The panel will verbally announce which chime sensor has been tripped if the chime feature is on. Add enables chime voice. Simon Security System Press Option #. Panel announces, Option 1, press again for next option or done to select.
  • Page 28: Option 42 - Speaker Level

    Press Option #. Panel announces, Option 1, press again for next option or done to select. Press 43. Panel announces, Option 43, press again for next option or use numbered keys to enter phone number, then press done. Simon Security System...
  • Page 29: Option 55: Status Sounds

    Add allows you to set the volume for status sounds, such as arming beeps, trouble beeps, and status beeps. The lowest volume setting is 1, the highest is 10. Simon Security System Enter a phone number with the numbered keys. Press Test to enter a pause in the phone number, press Add to enter a “*”, and press Delete to enter a “#”.
  • Page 30: Option 81: Heating Set Point

    RF Thermostat must be in Open panel cover. Panel announces, Use numbered keys to enter ID. Cool Mode or Auto Mode for the option to work properly. Enter Master Code using the numbered keys. Panel announces, Please select from Start Menu. Simon Security System...
  • Page 31: Trouble Beeps

    Simon Security System Press Add from the Start menu. Panel announces, Select from main menu. Press Option #. Panel announces, Option 1, press again for next option or done to select.
  • Page 32: Sensor Failure

    Press the SYSTEM STATUS button, listen to the status message, then disarm the system to clear system status. If the trouble condition was a low system battery, per- form a sensor test. The SYSTEM STATUS button should turn off if all trouble condi- tions have been corrected. Simon Security System...
  • Page 33: Testing

    Shock Sensor Smoke Sensor Wireless Panic Button Keychain Touchpad Remote Handheld Touch- Simon Security System Open the panel Cover. Enter the master access code. Press the Test button once. The panel will announce Sensor Test. Press the DONE button. Device Open the secured door or window.
  • Page 34: Testing Communication

    • I• – keys and listen to the voice prompts. Stop when panel voice – keys and listen to the voice prompts. Stop when the panel 15(h)-7(ors)hav [ ( k)10(e(en t)5(h)-2-5(t)c [ ( h)n-2(i)a)3(l)meanints(I•)-0( by)10(pas)7(s)1489 2 Simon Security System...
  • Page 35: Service

    • • • • Simon Security System If freeze or any environmental sensors are not located in areas where the appropri- ate condition can be detected. If smoke does not reach a Smoke Sensor. For example, Smoke Sensors cannot detect smoke in chimneys, walls, roofs, or smoke blocked by a closed door. Sen- sors may not detect smoke in other levels of the building.
  • Page 36: Your Floor Plan

    • Show all building levels. • Show exits from each room (two exits per room are recommended). • Show the location of all security system components. • Show the location of any fire extinguishers. Simon Security System...
  • Page 37 Simon Security System...
  • Page 38 Simon Security System...
  • Page 39: Access Codes

    Unit # Location Access Codes Master Access Code:______________________ Access Code 1:__________________________ Access Code 2:__________________________ Access Code 3:__________________________ Access Code 4:__________________________ Access Code 5:__________________________ Simon Security System Sensor Locations Location X10 Module Locations Unit # Delay Times Entry Delay:__________________________ Exit Delay:___________________________ Location...
  • Page 40: Quick Reference Table

    How to … Control Panel How to … Control Panel Disarm the Disarm the Access Code System (Level 1) System Disarm Subdisarm the Enter Master Code while Subdisarm the System (Level 0) system is disarmed System Doors & Arm Only - Doors Windows Arm Only - Doors &...

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