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Troubleshooting; Trouble Beeps And Trouble Messages - GE Concord express User Manual

Security systems
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Your security system uses a variety of different alarm
sirens, status beeps, and trouble beeps to communicate
with you. The next few pages describe the different sounds
and what they mean. Try to familiarize yourself with the
differences. You will hear some sounds each time you tell
your security system to do something, like arm or disarm.
Some sounds you will hear only when there is a problem
with the system, like a low battery. Other sounds you will
only hear in an emergency. Getting to know your system
sounds allows you to react quickly and appropriately.

Trouble Beeps and Trouble Messages

Trouble beeps are a series of five short beeps, once a
minute. When your system detects a problem, it lets you
know by sounding trouble beeps from touchpads and
sirens, and by trouble messages on touchpad displays.
Table 2 lists the causes of trouble beeps, the visual display
you can expect to see, and possible solutions for the trou-
ble condition.
Silencing Trouble Beeps
If possible, correct the situation which is causing the trou-
ble beeps. If this is not possible, call for service. If the
problem is not corrected, trouble beeps and messages start
again 4 to 10 hours later.
To stop trouble beeps:
‰ Perform a system status check by pressing
‰ Change the arming level.
Table 2 describes the conditions under which trouble
beeps occur and when they begin. (These sounds are heard
from interior sirens and touchpads if available.)
Frequently Asked Questions
I can't arm my system.
Try the following:
If arming to Level 2—STAY or Level 3—AWAY,
make sure all monitored perimeter doors and
windows are closed.
Call your security dealer.
I cannot bypass a sensor: my alphanumeric touchpad
displays "INVALID" and my fixed display touchpad
sounds a single, long beep.
Possible explanations include:
The sensor you're trying to bypass may not be
active in the current arming level. For example,
an interior motion detector will not be active in
Level 2—STAY.
Some sensors can be bypassed only in certain
levels. For example, motion sensors in Level 3—
You may be trying to bypass a 24-hour sensor
than cannot be bypassed, such as a smoke detec-
I can't arm my system to Level 3—AWAY.
If a delay door is open while you're trying to arm the
on a
system to Level 3, the system will arm to Level 2
instead. Close the delay door, arm the system to Level
3, then exit through a delay door.
for a system status and for clues to the

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