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Battery Replacement - GE NX-10 Installer Manual

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removed from its wall mounting plate. The option Always Tamper actually fixes the wireless keypad
to the wall just like a wired one, while disabling this option renders the keypad fully portable within
the reach of the RF link. An additional option Only Arm AWAY if On the Wall ensures that the
keypad is always mounted onto its bracket before arming in the Away mode. Both these options
together ensure that the keypad will stay on the wall as long as the system is armed. The following
example fixes the wireless keypad to the wall.
Navigate with the
Switch and press OK.
Scroll to Always Tamper>Enabled and press OK.
The keypad beeps once to confirm the change and returns to Always Tamper.
Navigate with the
Scroll to Enabled and press OK.
The keypad beeps once to confirm the change and returns to Only Arm AWAY if On the

Battery replacement

Wireless keypads hold four AA-sized 2800 mAh cells for powering the keypad itself, and two extra
AA-sized 2800 mAh cells for supplying power to the backlight. The backlight cells are not
supervised. Typical operation, defined as five arming and disarming cycles per 24 hours, shall result
in an expected battery lifetime of at least 3 years. Fully configuring a typical installation through a
wireless keypad will reduce battery lifetime by somewhere between 10 days and one month. The
wireless keypad has an operating battery compartment switch to protect the keypad's integrity. As
opposed to the backlight battery compartment, the operating battery compartment can never be
opened without creating a tamper alarm unless the user follows a proper procedure and the partition
the keypad belongs to is disarmed.
Note: Any unauthorized opening of the battery compartment will cause tamper alarm in the system. When in installer
mode, the installer can replace keypad batteries anytime. It may require resetting the system if the wireless
keypad is the only keypad in the system, therefore it is recommended to initiate the installer mode from
another keypad, if available. The battery compartment must be closed while restarting the panel to avoid
tamper alarm.
keys to Installer Menu>This Keypad>Keypad Features>Pry Off
keys to Only Arm AWAY if On the Wall and press OK.

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Table of Contents

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