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Troubleshooting - GE JSC1300 Owner's Manual

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If the alarm trips when you enter the
house before you have time to disarm it.
Lights will not turn on or off from the ON
or OFF buttons on the Keyfob Remote.
You open a door or window and the alarm
does not trip.
If appliances turn off during an alarm.
Arm the system in the AWAY mode.
• Be sure you set the correct SECURITY
LIGHT Code in the Console, see
pages 26 and 35.
• Be sure the light you are trying to
control has its on/off switch in the on
position. Be sure its bulb is good.
• Plug the Module into another outlet
near the Console.
• Check that the indicator on the Keyfob
Remote comes on when you press a
button. Replace batteries and
reregister the remote if necessary.
• Check the dials on the Modules.
• Check that the system is armed.
• Check to see if the alarm trips when
you press TEST inside the Door/
Window Sensor.
• If the alarm does not trip when you
press TEST, check that the indicator on
the sensor comes on when you press
If the indicator does not come on, replace
the batteries and reinstall the sensor if
The system flashes lights by repetitively
transmitting the SECURITY light on and
off code.
Any Appliance Modules set to the same
code will therefore turn on and off.
If you do not hear a beep from the Console
when you press ARM to install a Remote.
If you do not hear a beep from the
Console when you register a Door/
Window Sensor or Motion Detector.
If the battery indicator on the Console is
If you lose your remote control.
If the system Arms or Disarms by itself
If the light on the Keyfob Remote stays on
during initialization.
Reinitialize the remote (see page 12).
With the Console NOT armed check that
it chimes when you press TEST inside the
Door/Window Sensor, or the alarm trips
when you press test on a Motion Detector
(when the system IS armed). If it does,
then the sensor is already installed and
no further action is necessary. If not:
• Reregister the sensor/motion detector
(see Setting Up Door/Window Sensors
and Setting Up Motion Detectors.
Replace the Console's batteries. Four AA
alkaline batteries provides approximately
12 hours of backup. Replace batteries at
least once a year.
Reregister your complete system to
prevent someone else from using the lost
remote control. See bottom of page 39.
A neighbor may have a compatible
system. Reinstall the complete system so
that it chooses different RF codes. See
bottom of page 39.
Remove the batteries, press a button for
a few seconds, release, then replace the
batteries. Press and hold the ARM button
on the Keyfob Remote for a few seconds
and then release it. This initializes the
remote and picks a random code that is
used when it is registered with the
Console. Reregister the remote.