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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Simon XT User Manual...
  • Page 2 GE Security hereby grants the purchaser of this product a limited, nonexclusive license to practice the methods patented in the identified patents solely with products manufactured, sold or licensed by GE Security.
  • Page 3 Software to a human-perceivable form, nor create derivative works or programs based on the Software. 5. Limited warranty. GE SECURITY warrants that for one (1) year from the date of delivery of the Licensed Product (Software Warranty Period), the functions contained in the Software...
  • Page 4 (or any hardware furnished with the software), even if GE SECURITY has been advised of the possibility of such damages, nor for any claim by any third party.
  • Page 5 ACTA Part 68 This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC Rules. Located on this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, the FCC registration number and the ringer equivalence number (REN) for this equipment. If requested, this information must be provided to the telephone company.
  • Page 6 Simon XT User Manual...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Simon XT features ........
  • Page 8 Simon XT User Manual System tests ..................28 System programming .
  • Page 9: Preface

    Preface This is the GE Simon XT User Manual. This document includes an overview of the product and detailed instructions on how to operate the system. Read these instructions and all ancillary documentation entirely before operating this product. The most current versions of this and related documentation may be found on our online publication library.
  • Page 10 Simon XT User Manual...
  • Page 11: Chapter 1 Introduction

    Chapter 1 Introduction This chapter describes the Simon XT’s features. In this chapter: Security system components ........2 Communicating with your system .
  • Page 12: Security System Components

    User Manual Security system components The Simon XT uses wireless technology to warn your family about intrusion, carbon monoxide, and fire. It may also be used to control lights and appliances within your home. The system communicates with a central monitoring station and sends voice messages to an offsite phone.
  • Page 13 Chapter 1 Introduction A Simon XT installation may include any of the devices listed in Table 1. Table 1. Simon XT system components Component Type Description Control panel Operates and programs your security system. It communicates to you through displayed and spoken messages. The panel can communicate to a central monitoring station and send voice messages to your off-site phone.
  • Page 14: Communicating With Your System

    Simon XT User Manual Communicating with your system Sending commands or instructing your security system is done through a series of key presses on the panel, touchpads, or a remote telephone. Table 2. System communication devices Device Description Control panel You can enter commands for your security system through simple key presses on the panel.
  • Page 15: Using The Control Panel

    Chapter 2 Using the control panel This chapter provides instructions for operating your Simon XT Security System. In this chapter: Panel controls ..........6 Standard text display.
  • Page 16: Panel Controls

    25. The self-contained panel (Figure 2) provides the user interface for system operation and programming system functions. Table 3 on page 7 provides a description of the panel keys and display. Figure 2. Simon XT self-contained panel MOTIONS DISARM...
  • Page 17 Chapter 2 Using the control panel Table 3. Simon XT panel keys and features Control Description Piezo siren The piezo siren makes alarm beeps and status beeps. Fire and intrusion alarm beeps are always played at high volume, while the volume of status beeps (such as trouble or chime beeps, entry and exit delay beeps, or auxiliary alarm beeps) is programmable.
  • Page 18: Standard Text Display

    Simon XT User Manual Standard text display While the panel is idle, the following text displays: Display line 1 Arming level Display line 2 HH:MMx (Time) and status icons Arming level text could be one of the following: • Subdisarmed •...
  • Page 19: Simon Xt Features

    Have the system notify you if your children do not arrive at home by a predetermined time. Home security The Simon XT allows you to control which sensors are active at any given time. Table 5 describes the five arming levels that you can set from the control panel.
  • Page 20 Simon XT User Manual Arming/disarming Arming a sensor makes it active and allows the panel to generate an alarm when a door or window is opened, or when an unauthorized person enters a specific area. Disarming makes the sensor inactive in the system. The current arming level is shown on the panel display and changes in arming level are announced on the speaker.
  • Page 21: Exit/Entry Delay

    Chapter 2 Using the control panel Exit/entry delay Your Simon XT provides a delay after entering or exiting your home before the system is alarmed. Table 6 provides details for the entry and exit delay features. Table 6. Entry and exit delay details...
  • Page 22: Bypassing Sensors

    If enabled by your installer, the Exit delay extension feature will recognize when you arm the system, leave your house and then quickly re-enter your house (such as you would if you forgot your car keys.) In such a case Simon XT will restart your exit delay to give you the full exit delay again. Bypassing sensors Bypassing a sensor allows you to open the sensor while the system is armed.
  • Page 23: Alarms

    Chapter 2 Using the control panel Unbypassing 1. Press BYPASS and enter the master code. 2. Scroll up/down to the sensor to be unbypassed. The sensor must be currently bypassed. 3. Press Enter to unbypass (reactivate) the sensor. 4. The panel removes the word Bypassed from the second line of the display. Alarms The system provides a series of alarms that indicate an unusual occurrence.
  • Page 24: Light Control (Optional)

    Simon XT User Manual Light control (optional) Simon XT lets you control lights and appliances using lamp, appliance, or universal modules. You can: • Turn lights with unit numbers 1 to 8 on or off manually or at a specific time.
  • Page 25: Latchkey

    Chapter 2 Using the control panel Latchkey Use the latchkey feature to notify you, via a remote phone, if a family member does not arrive home at a predetermined time and disarm the system. When this feature is active, a latchkey alarm is reported if the premises are not disarmed by the programmed latchkey time.
  • Page 26: Using An Offsite Phone

    User Manual Using an offsite phone If enabled by the installer, you can control your Simon XT panel remotely from an offsite phone. The panel answers a phone call according to the dialing method programmed by your installer. After a certain combination of rings and pauses, the panel will answer the call with the voice prompt Enter your code.
  • Page 27: Using Touchpads

    Chapter 2 Using the control panel Using touchpads Touchpads are used to control the security system from any location within or near your home. Remote handheld touchpad Interfacing with the system using a remote handheld touchpad is similar to using the panel. Figure 3.
  • Page 28: Keyfob

    Simon XT User Manual Keyfob If your installer programmed the keyfob with no entry delay, and you armed the system with the keyfob, you must disarm your system before entering the home to avoid causing an alarm. CAUTION: To avoid causing false alarms, check with your installer on how your touchpad options are programmed.
  • Page 29: Chapter 3. How Your System Communicates

    Chapter 3 How your system communicates Your system responds to you through the use of display and voice messages, status beeps, alarms, and panel indicator lights. In this chapter: Status beeps ..........20 Alarm sirens and lamp modules .
  • Page 30: Status Beeps

    Simon XT User Manual Status beeps The panel sounds status beeps to alert you to various system events and conditions. Note: You may receive a different number of status beeps if you press the buttons quickly. Table 8. Status beeps...
  • Page 31: Panel Indicator Lights

    Chapter 3 How your system communicates Panel indicator lights Use Table 10 to understand the panel indicator lights. Table 10. Panel indicator lights Button When button light is on When the button flashes DOORS+WINDOWS Doors + Windows armed Doors + Windows armed and no entry delay on MOTIONS Motions armed Motion sensors armed and latchkey on...
  • Page 32 Simon XT User Manual Restoration of power. This condition occurs after a complete loss of power (AC and battery). When power is restored, the panel will return to the arming state with the same zones bypassed it had prior to losing power.
  • Page 33: Programming

    Chapter 4 Programming This chapter describes how to program your system. It will guide you through programming instructions for system features. System menu ..........24 Entering and exiting the system menu .
  • Page 34: System Menu

    30 seconds (4 minutes while performing a sensor test). Code options The Simon XT security system provides a system of codes to be entered when a certain level of authority is required to perform an action. These codes allow you to activate system options, customize panel operations, and generate a silent alarm.
  • Page 35: Menu Navigation

    Use the scroll keys or enter a numerical value to change the option, then press the Enter key to save the change. Table 12. Simon XT system menu structure Top menu entry...
  • Page 36: Set Clock

    Simon XT User Manual Table 12. Simon XT system menu structure (continued) Top menu entry First submenu level Second submenu level System Tests Sensor Test Comm Test System Download Revision Contrast Set clock If the panel loses both AC and battery power, then upon restoring power the system time will default to midnight and blink, indicating it has not been set correctly.
  • Page 37: Light Schedules

    Chapter 4 Programming Light schedules Simon XT will automatically turn certain lights on or off according to light schedules you can define in menu item System Programming / Light Control / Light Schedules. See Light control (optional) on page 14.
  • Page 38: Special Chime

    An outlined bell icon will appear in the display when Special Chime is enabled. Note: This menu will not appear if Special Chime sensors are not in your system. System tests The Simon XT system tests include: • Sensor Test (see Testing sensors on page 38) •...
  • Page 39: System Programming

    Chapter 4 Programming System programming To enter the System Programming menu: 1. Enter the system menu. 2. Scroll up/down to System Programming, then press Enter. 3. The panel displays Enter Code. 4. Enter your master code, then press Enter. At this point, you are in the System Programming submenu. At this level, the following items are accessible: •...
  • Page 40 Simon XT User Manual User codes 1 to 8 To change a user code: 1. Enter the System Programming menu. 2. Scroll up/down to Access Codes, then press Enter. 3. Scroll up/down to the user code you want to change, then press Enter.
  • Page 41 Chapter 4 Programming Phone numbers Phone #4 is the only system phone number that you can change. Therefore, it is often used for voice reporting of alarms to your phone, if it was programmed for this purpose by the installer. To change Phone #4: 1.
  • Page 42: Siren Options

    Simon XT User Manual Siren options The panel has two built-in sound sources, a piezo siren and a speaker. The piezo siren makes alarm beeps and status beeps. Fire and intrusion alarm beeps are always played at high volume, while the volume of status beeps (such as trouble or chime beeps, entry and exit delay beeps, or auxiliary alarm beeps) is programmable.
  • Page 43 Chapter 4 Programming Panel Piezo Alrm This option determines whether or not the panel sounds alarm beeps. To program Panel Piezo Alrm: 1. Enter the System Programming menu. 2. Scroll up/down to Siren Options, then press Enter. 3. Scroll up/down to Panel Piezo Alrm, then press Enter. 4.
  • Page 44 Simon XT User Manual Light control (optional) You can control certain lights by using X-10 lamp, appliance, or universal modules. As set up by the installer, these modules have unit numbers from 1 to 8 and are set to the same housecode. These lights can be turned on for certain arming operations, when a sensor is tripped or based on a time schedule.
  • Page 45 Chapter 4 Programming Light Schedules In this menu, a light schedule can be programmed for each unit number (1 to 8). To program Light Schedules: 1. Enter the System Programming menu. 2. Scroll up/down to Light Control, then press Enter. 3.
  • Page 46: Revision

    Simon XT User Manual Revision To display the firmware revision of the system: 1. Scroll up/down to Revision. 2. Press STATUS to exit. Contrast To adjust the Contrast of the display: 1. Scroll up/down to Contrast. 2. press Enter. 3. Scroll up/down to increase and decrease the contrast setting.
  • Page 47: Testing

    Chapter 5 Testing This chapter provides a set of tests to ensure proper operation of your Simon XT self-contained security system. We recommended you test your system weekly. Testing sensors..........38 Testing communication .
  • Page 48: Testing Sensors

    Simon XT User Manual Testing sensors You can test sensors one at a time to make sure they are sending strong signals to the panel. You should test the security system at least once a week. To perform the Sensor Test: 1.
  • Page 49: Testing Communication

    Chapter 5 Testing Testing communication Test communication between your system and the central monitoring station or a voice report destination at least once per week to make sure you have the proper telephone connection. To perform a communication test: 1. Scroll to System Tests. 2.
  • Page 50 Simon XT User Manual...
  • Page 51: Appendix A. Reference Information

    ..........46 Simon XT system quick reference...
  • Page 52: Alarm System Limitations

    Simon XT User Manual Alarm system limitations Not even the most advanced alarm system can guarantee protection against burglary, fire, or environmental problems. All alarm systems are subject to possible compromise or failure-to-warn for a variety of reasons. • If sirens are not placed within hearing range of persons sleeping, in remote parts of the premises, or if they are placed behind doors or other obstacles.
  • Page 53: Smoke And Heat Detector Locations

    Appendix A Reference information Smoke and heat detector locations Selecting a suitable location is critical to the operation of smoke alarms. Figure 5 shows some typical floorplans with recommended smoke and heat detector locations. Use these location guidelines to optimize performance and reduce the chance of false alarms: •...
  • Page 54: Your Floorplan

    Simon XT User Manual Your floorplan Use the following guidelines when drawing your floorplan: • Show all building levels. • Show exits from each room (two exits per room are recommended). • Show the location of all security system components.
  • Page 55 Appendix A Reference information Table 14. Sensor locations (continued) Sensor number Sensor name Sensor type Location Table 15. X10 module locations Unit # Location Unit # Location...
  • Page 56: Access Codes

    Simon XT User Manual Access codes Table 16. Access codes Code description Code Master code User code 1 User code 2 User code 3 User code 4 User code 5 User code 6 User code 7 User code 8 Duress code Delays Table 17.
  • Page 57: Simon Xt System Quick Reference

    Appendix A Reference information Table 18. Simon XT system quick reference Control panel Remote touchpad Keyfob Telephone Level 0: Subdisarm Enter the master code while the the system system is disarmed. Level 1: Disarm DISARM, <access_code>. Disarm the system Level 2: Arm doors DOORS+WINDOWS, <access_code>...
  • Page 58 Simon XT User Manual...
  • Page 59: Index

    Index floorplans....................44 AC power failure ..................21 access codes..................29, 46 accidental alarms ..................13 handheld touchpad................2, 17 alarm sirens..................... 20 housecode ....................35 alarms ..................... 13 appliance module.................. 2, 3 arm doors and windows................10 keychain touchpad..............See keyfob arm motion sensors.................
  • Page 60 Simon XT User Manual programming ..................23 status....................... 15 status beep volume ................. 33 status beeps..................... 20 status icons ....................8 quick exit ....................12 system battery failure ................21 quick reference chart ................47 system download ..................28 system features ..................9 system limitations...................

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