Mitsubishi Electric FR-A820-00046 Instruction Manual

Mitsubishi Electric FR-A820-00046 Instruction Manual

Fr-a800 series
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Instruction Manual

FR-A820-00046(0.4K) to 04750(90K)(-E)
FR-A840-00023(0.4K) to 06830(280K)(-E)
FR-A842-07700(315K) to 12120(500K)(-E)
FR-A846-00023(0.4K) to 03610(132K)(-E)
Art. no.: 274661
01 06 2017
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Version G


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric FR-A820-00046

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC FR-A800 Inverter Instruction Manual FR-A820-00046(0.4K) to 04750(90K)(-E) FR-A840-00023(0.4K) to 06830(280K)(-E) FR-A842-07700(315K) to 12120(500K)(-E) FR-A846-00023(0.4K) to 03610(132K)(-E) Art. no.: 274661 01 06 2017 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Version check Version G...
  • Page 3 Instruction Manual Inverter FR-A800 Art. no.: 274661 Version Changes / Additions / Corrections 04/2014 First edition 05/2014 Additions: FR-A840-03250(110K) to FR-A840-06830(280K) IP55 compatible model Compatibility with FR-A8NP SF-PR included (setting values "70, 73, 74" of Pr. 71 (Pr. 450)) Swinging suppression (Pr. 1072 to Pr. 1079) Position control functions (Pr.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    ● A person who took a proper engineering training. Such training may be available at your local Mitsubishi Electric office. Contact your local sales office for schedules and locations. ● A person who can access operating manuals for the protective devices (e.g. light curtain) connect- ed to the safety control system.
  • Page 6 Electric Shock Prevention WARNING: ● While power is on or when the inverter is running, do not open the front cover. Otherwise you may get an electric shock. ● Do not run the inverter with the front cover removed. Otherwise, you may access the exposed high-voltage terminals or the charging part of the circuitry and get an electric shock.
  • Page 7 Fire Prevention CAUTION: ● Mount the inverter to incombustible material. Install the inverter on a nonflammable wall without holes (so that nobody can touch the inverter heatsink on the rear side, etc.). Mount- ing it to or near combustible material can cause a fire. ●...
  • Page 8 Electric product, the product will be damaged. Halogen-based materials are often in- cluded in fumigant, which is used to sterilize or disinfect wooden packages. When packaging, prevent residual fumigant components from being infiltrated into Mitsubishi Electric prod- ucts, or use an alternative sterilization or disinfection method (heat disinfection, etc.) for packaging.
  • Page 9 CAUTION: ● Do not install assemblies or components (e. g. power factor correction capacitors) on the inverter output side, which are not approved from Mitsubishi Electric. These devices on the inverter output side may be overheated or burn out. ● The direction of rotation of the motor corresponds to the direction of rotation commands (STF/STR) only if the phase sequence (U, V, W) is maintained.
  • Page 10 CAUTION: ● The electronic thermal relay function does not guarantee protection of the motor from overheating. It is recommended to install both an external thermal and PTC thermistor for overheat protection. ● Do not use a magnetic contactor on the inverter input for frequent starting/stopping of the inverter.
  • Page 11 Test operation and adjustment CAUTION: ● Before starting operation, confirm and adjust the parameters. A failure to do so may cause some machines to make unexpected motions. Emergency stop CAUTION: ● Provide a safety backup such as an emergency brake which will prevent the machine and equipment from hazardous conditions if the inverter fails.
  • Page 12 Symbols used in the manual Use of instructions Instructions concerning important information are marked separately and are displayed as follows: NOTE Text of instruction Use of examples Examples are marked separately and are displayed as follows: Example Example text Use of numbering in the figures Numbering within the figures is displayed by white numbers within black circles and is explained in a table following it using the same number, e.g.: Use of handling instructions...
  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Introduction General remarks............... . 1-1 Product checking and accessories .
  • Page 14 Contents Communication connectors and terminals ..........2-67 2.7.1 PU connector .
  • Page 15 Contents Basic operation Operation panel (FR-DU08) ............. 4-1 4.1.1 Components of the operation panel (FR-DU08).
  • Page 16 Contents Speed control under Real sensorless vector control, vector control, PM sensorless vector control ............5-82 5.3.1 Setting procedure of Real sensorless vector control (speed control) .
  • Page 17 Contents 5.7.12 Parameter write selection........... .5-211 5.7.13 Password function.
  • Page 18 Contents 5.11.8 Output current detection function ......... . .5-394 5.11.9 Output torque detection .
  • Page 19 Contents 5.15 (N) Operation via communication and its settings ........5-619 5.15.1 Wiring and configuration of PU connector .
  • Page 20 Contents 5.22 Ethernet communication (FR-A800-E) ..........5-771 5.22.1 SLMP .
  • Page 21 Contents Precautions for maintenance and inspection Inspection item ............... . 7-1 7.1.1 Daily inspection .
  • Page 22 Contents Appendix For customers replacing the conventional model with this inverter ..... . A-1 A.1.1 Replacement of the FR-A700 series..........A-1 A.1.2 Replacement of the FR-A500(L) series .
  • Page 23: Introduction

    Introduction General remarks Introduction General remarks Abbreviations DU ....... . .Operation panel (FR-DU08) Operation panel .
  • Page 24 General remarks Introduction Trademarks ● Microsoft and Visual C++ are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. ● Modbus is a registered trademark of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC USA, INC., and Ethernet is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Corporation. ●...
  • Page 25: Product Checking And Accessories

    Introduction Product checking and accessories Product checking and accessories Unpack the product and check the rating plate and the capacity plate of the inverter to ensure that the model agrees with the order and the product is intact. 1.2.1 Inverter model Symbol Voltage class Symbol Structure, functionality Symbol Description...
  • Page 26: Accessory

    Product checking and accessories Introduction NOTES The rating plate shows the inverter rated current in SLD operation (Super Light Duty). The over- load current rating at SLD is 110 % of the rated current for 60 s and 120 % for 3 s at surrounding air temperature of max.
  • Page 27: Component Names

    Introduction Component names Component names Component names are shown below. ³ · » ¿ µ ¸ ¹ I002341E_F Fig. 1-2: Appearance and structure FR-A800 1 - 5...
  • Page 28 Component names Introduction Refer to Symbol Name Description page Connects the operation panel or the parameter unit . This ³ PU connector 2-67 connector also enables the RS-485 communication. · USB A connector Connects a USB memory device. 2-68 Connects a personal computer and enables ».