Mitsubishi Electric FR-A820-00046 Instruction Manual

800 series
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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Electric inverter plug-in option. This Instruction Manual provides handling information and precautions for use of this product. Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected fault. Before using this product, read all relevant instruction manuals carefully to ensure proper use.
  • Page 3  Additional instructions The following instructions must be also followed. If this product is handled incorrectly, it may cause unexpected fault, an injury, or an electric shock. CAUTION Transportation and installation  Do not stand or place heavy objects on this product. ...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    ─ CONTENTS ─ 1 PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking and product confirmation.......................6 1.1.1 Product confirmation............................6 1.1.2 SERIAL number check ...........................7 Component names .............................8 2 INSTALLATION AND WIRING Pre-installation instructions ........................9 Installation procedure ..........................9 Wiring ................................12 Terminals..............................14 Encoder ..............................15 3 INVERTER FUNCTIONS ENABLED WITH FR-A8APA 4 ORIENTATION CONTROL Wiring example ............................17 Terminals..............................18...
  • Page 5 Wiring examples ............................22 Setting procedure of vector control for motor with encoder ...............25 Vector control for PM motor with encoder.....................26 Offline auto tuning............................27 Encoder position tuning ..........................29 Specifications ............................32 APPENDIX...
  • Page 6: Pre-Operation Instructions

    PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking and product confirmation Take the product out of the package, check the product name, and confirm that the product is as you ordered and intact. This product is a plug-in option made for the FR-A800 series inverter. 1.1.1 Product confirmation Check the enclosed items.
  • Page 7: Serial Number Check

    Month is indicated by 1 to 9, X (October), Y (November), or Z (December). FR-A800 series Country of origin Model SERIAL number indication FR-A820-00046(0.4K) to 04750(90K) MADE in Japan 83 or later FR-A840-00023(0.4K) to 06830(280K) FR-A842-07700(315K) to 12120(500K) MADE in China 84 or later FR-A846-00023(0.4K) to 03610(132K)
  • Page 8: Component Names

    Component names Front view Rear view Terminal layout EA+ EB+ ER+ EC+ ED+ UP UN EA- EB- ER- EC- ED- UP UN Refer Symbol Name Description to page Mounting hole Used to fix this product to the inverter by inserting a mounting screw or a spacer. Terminal block Used to connect the terminals of this product and an encoder.
  • Page 9: Installation And Wiring

    INSTALLATION AND WIRING Pre-installation instructions Check that the inverter's input power and the control circuit power are both OFF. CAUTION  Do not install or remove this product while the inverter power is ON. Doing so may damage the inverter or this product. ...
  • Page 10 • Insertion positions for screws and spacers FR-A800 FR-A800-E Connector 3 Connector 3 Mounting screw Mounting screw Spacer Spacer Spacer Connector 2 Connector 1 Connector 1 Spacer Spacer Spacer Ethernet connector Mounting screw Mounting screw Mounting screw Attach the option to connector 1 or 2. Attach the option to connector 1 or 3.
  • Page 11 NOTE • When installing/removing the plug-in option, hold the sides of the option. Do not press on the parts on the option circuit board. Stress applied to the parts by pressing, etc. may cause a failure. • Be careful not to drop mounting screws during the installation or removal of the plug-in option. •...
  • Page 12: Wiring

    Wiring (1) Strip the signal wires as shown below. If too much of the wire is stripped, a short circuit may occur with neighboring wires. If not enough of the wire is stripped, wires may become loose and fall out. Twist the stripped end of wires to prevent them from fraying.
  • Page 13 (2) Loosen the terminal screw and insert the cable into the terminal. Screw size Tightening torque Cable size Screwdriver Small flat-blade screwdriver 0.22 to 0.25 Nm 0.3 to 0.75 mm (Tip thickness: 0.4 mm, tip width: 2.5 mm) NOTE • Under-tightening may cause cable disconnection or malfunction. Over-tightening may cause a short circuit or malfunction due to damage to the screw or unit.
  • Page 14: Terminals

    Terminals Terminal Terminal name Description symbol Encoder power supply (Up) For the power supply (5 V) for the encoder Encoder earth (ground) (0V) Incremental sine signal: phase A (A+) For the incremental sine signal output from the sinusoidal encoder Incremental sine signal: phase A (A-) Incremental cosine signal: phase B (B+) For the incremental cosine signal output from the sinusoidal encoder.
  • Page 15: Encoder

    Encoder  Required encoder specifications Interface Sinusoidal voltage signal (1 Vpp) Incremental signal (sine/cosine) Signal type Home position signal Magnetic pole position detection signal (sine/cosine signal taken from the Z1 track, one period per revolution) Signal period 2048 Rotation speed of the SinCos encoder interface encoder-mounted shaft: 5800 r/min Permissible speed The drive shaft and encoder-mounted shaft must be coupled directly or via a belt (with the speed ratio of 1:1) without any mechanical looseness or slip.
  • Page 16: Inverter Functions Enabled With Fr-A8Apa

    INVERTER FUNCTIONS ENABLED WITH FR-A8APA  Parameter for detector Setting item Parameters for FR-A8APA Encoder rotation direction Pr.359 Number of detector pulses (Signal period) Pr.369 Encoder signal loss detection enable/disable selection Pr.376  Maximum setting speed of the inverter When the FR-A8APA is installed, operate the inverter so that the encoder pulse frequency is kept at 100 kHz or lower. If a speed higher than the maximum speed is set, the speed is clamped at the maximum speed.
  • Page 17: Orientation Control

    ORIENTATION CONTROL Magnetic flux Magnetic flux Magnetic flux Vector Vector Vector This function is used with an encoder installed to the spindle of a machine tool, etc. to allow a rotary shaft to be stopped at the specified position (oriented). For the details of the parameters used for orientation control, refer to the Instruction Manual (Detailed) of the inverter.
  • Page 18: Terminals

    Terminals  FR-A8AX terminal Terminal Terminal name Description symbol Input the digital signal at the relay contact or open collector terminal. X0 to X15 Digital signal input terminal Using Pr.360, speed or position command is selected as the command signal entered. Used when a digital signal read timing signal is necessary.
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications 1.5° Repeated positioning Depends on the load torque, moment of inertia of the load or orientation, creep speed, position loop switching accuracy position, etc. Orientation, creep speed setting, stop position command selection, DC injection brake start position setting, Functions creep speed and position loop switch position setting, position shift, orientation in-position, position pulse monitor, etc.
  • Page 20: Encoder Feedback Control

    ENCODER FEEDBACK CONTROL Magnetic flux Magnetic flux Magnetic flux When the FR-A8APA is installed on the FR-A800 series inverter, encoder feedback control can be performed under V/F control or Advanced magnetic flux vector control. This controls the inverter output frequency so that the motor speed is constant to the load variation by detecting the motor speed with the encoder to feed back to the inverter.
  • Page 21: Specifications

    Specifications 0.1% (100% means 3600 r/min) Speed variation ratio • Setting of speed feedback range Function • Setting of feedback gain • Setting of encoder rotation direction ENCODER FEEDBACK CONTROL...
  • Page 22: Vector Control

    VECTOR CONTROL When the FR-A8APA is installed on the FR-A800 series inverter, full-scale vector control operation can be performed using a motor with encoder. (For the details of vector control, refer to the Instruction Manual (Detailed) of the inverter.) Speed control, torque control, and position control are enabled under vector control for the induction motor. Speed control and position control are enabled under vector control for the PM motor.
  • Page 23  Torque control (With induction motor only) MCCB Inverter R/L1 Three-phase S/L2 AC power supply T/L3 Earth Forward rotation start (Ground) FR-A8APA Reverse rotation start Contact input common Encoder Speed limit command ERN 1387 Frequency setting potentiometer 1/2 W1 kΩ ∗1 Torque command ( 10 V)
  • Page 24: Position Control

     Position control Positioning unit MELSEC iQ-R RD75[] MELSEC-Q QD75P[ ]N/QD75P[ ] MCCB MELSEC-L LD75P[ ] Three-phase R/L1 Inverter AC power S/L2 supply T/L3 Earth (ground) STOP Forward stroke end Reverse stroke end FR-A8APA Pre-excitation/servo on ∗3 Clear signal CLEAR ∗3 Pulse train ∗4...
  • Page 25: Setting Procedure Of Vector Control For Motor With Encoder

    Setting procedure of vector control for motor with encoder Follow the following procedure to change the setting for the vector control for the motor with an encoder. Set the applied encoder. (Pr.359, Pr.369) Set Pr.359 Encoder rotation direction and Pr.369 Number of encoder pulses according to the encoder to be used.
  • Page 26: Vector Control For Pm Motor With Encoder

    NOTE • For PM motors, after performing offline auto tuning and encoder position tuning, first perform PM parameter initialization. If parameter initialization is performed after setting other parameters, some of those parameters will be initialized too. (For the parameters to be initialized, refer to the Instruction Manual (Detailed) of the inverter.) Vector control for PM motor with encoder •...
  • Page 27: Offline Auto Tuning

    Offline auto tuning Vector Vector Vector • Offline auto tuning enables the optimal operation of a motor with encoder. Description Initial Setting Name value range PM motor Induction motor Offline auto tuning disabled. Offline auto tuning enabled (without the motor rotating). Offline auto tuning enabled only for motor constant R1 (without the Auto tuning setting/status motor rotating).
  • Page 28  Parameters to be overwritten with the tuning result data after tuning of PM motor Tuning according to Pr.96 (Pr.463) setting Name Description 90 (458) Motor constant (R1) Resistance per phase    92 (460) Motor constant (L1)/d-axis inductance (Ld) ...
  • Page 29: Encoder Position Tuning

    Encoder position tuning Vector Vector Vector • Encoder position tuning is required when a PM motor with an encoder is driven. The measured offset value between the motor home magnetic pole position and the encoder home position is stored. Only encoder position tuning can be performed when offline auto tuning is not required, such as when the parameters for motor constant are set manually, or when offline auto tuning is already performed.
  • Page 30  Performing tuning POINT POINT • Before tuning, check the monitor display of the PU if the inverter is in the state ready for tuning. If the start command is turned ON though the inverter is not ready, the motor can start running. •...
  • Page 31 • When encoder position tuning ends, press on the operation panel during PU operation. In the external operation mode, turn OFF the start signal (STF signal or STR signal). This operation resets encoder position tuning, and the PU's monitor display returns to the normal indication. (Without this operation, next operation cannot be started.) NOTE •...
  • Page 32: Specifications

    Specifications Speed control range 1:1500 (both driving/regeneration  0.01% (100% means 3000 r/min) Speed control Speed variation ratio Speed response 20 Hz (40 Hz during fast-response operation) Torque control range 1:50 10% Torque control Absolute torque accuracy  5% Repeated torque accuracy ...
  • Page 33: Appendix

    APPENDIX Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electronic and Electrical Products The mark of restricted use of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products is applied to the product as follows based on the “Management Methods for the Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products”...
  • Page 34 MEMO IB(NA)-0600758ENG-B...
  • Page 35 REVISIONS *The manual number is given on the bottom left of the back cover. Print date *Manual number Revision Jul. 2017 IB(NA)-0600758ENG-A First edition Addtion Feb. 2018 IB(NA)-0600758ENG-B • Compatibility with the FR-A800 series...
  • Page 36 INVERTER HEAD OFFICE: TOKYO BUILDING 2-7-3, MARUNOUCHI, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO 100-8310, JAPAN IB(NA)-0600758ENG-B(1802) MEE Printed in Japan Specifications subject to change without notice.

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