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Switch on the hazard warn-
ing lights.
Keep the vehicle away from
traffic and on a level sur-
face where it will not slip (if neces-
sary, place a solid support under the
jack base).
Apply the parking brake and engage
a gear (first or reverse, or P for auto-
matic transmissions).
Ask all the passengers to leave the
vehicle and keep them away from
Vehicles equipped with a jack
and wheelbrace
If necessary, remove the wheel trim.
Use the wheelbrace 3 to slacken off the
wheel bolts. Position it so as to be able
to push from above.
Line jack 4 up horizontally, the jack
head must be positioned at the same
height as plate mounting 1, as close as
possible to the wheel concerned, indi-
cated by an arrow 2.
If the vehicle is not equipped with a
jack or wheelbrace, you can obtain
these from your approved dealer.
If the vehicle is parked on
the hard shoulder, you must
warn other road users of
your vehicle's presence
with a warning triangle or with other
devices as per the legislation apply-
ing to the country you are in.
Start cranking the jack up by hand to
align the base plate (which should be
pushed slightly under the vehicle).
Turn the wheelbrace until the wheel lifts
off the ground.
To prevent any risk of injury
or damage to the vehicle,
only crank the jack until the
wheel you are replacing is
a maximum of 3 centimetres off the



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