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accessories function
(Switching on the ignition)
Once you have gained access to your
vehicle, you may use some of its func-
tions (radio, navigation, wipers, etc.).
For the others, press button 1, without
depressing any pedals.
Note: depending on the vehicle, press-
ing button 1 starts the engine.
Driver's responsibility
Never leave your vehicle
with the RENAULT card
inside and never leave a
child (or a pet) unsupervised, even
for a short while.
They may pose a risk to themselves
or to others by starting the engine,
activating equipment such as the
electric windows or by locking the
Risk of serious injury.
operating faults
In certain cases, the hands-free
RENAULT card may not work:
– when the RENAULT card battery is
drained, flat battery, etc.
– near to appliances operating on the
same frequency as the card (moni-
tor, mobile phone, video game, etc.);
– vehicle located in a high electromag-
netic radiation zone.
The message "insert card" appears on
the instrument panel.
Insert the RENAULT card fully into card
reader 2.


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