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vehicles running on ethanol-based
It is essential to use unleaded petrol or
fuel containing a maximum of 85% eth-
anol (E85).
In very cold conditions, it may be very
difficult or even impossible to start the
engine. To avoid this problem, use un-
leaded petrol or, for equipped vehi-
cles, use the heater integrated into the
engine: connect the specified end of
the extension piece supplied into the
socket integrated into the radiator grille
and the other end into a 220v socket
for at least 6 hours before starting.
Note: you may notice an increase in
fuel consumption with this type of fuel.
filling with fuel
With the ignition off, insert the nozzle to
open valve B and insert it fully before
turning it on to fill the fuel tank (risk of
Keep the nozzle in this position
throughout the entire filling operation.
When the pump cuts out automatically
at the end of the filling procedure, a
maximum of two further filling attempts
may be made, as there must be suffi-
cient space in the fuel tank to allow for
Make sure that no water enters the fuel
tank during filling. Valve B and its sur-
round must remain clean.
petrol versions
Using leaded petrol will damage the
antipollution system and may lead to a
loss of warranty.
To ensure that the fuel tank is not filled
with leaded petrol, the fuel tank filler
neck contains a restrictor fitted with a
foolproof system which only allows
the nozzle for unleaded petrol to be
used (at the pump).
vehicle fitted with the stop and
start function
To fill up with fuel, the engine must
be stopped (and not on standby):
stop the engine by pressing the
engine stop button 1 (please refer
to the information on "Starting and
Stopping the engine" in Section 2).



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