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TRIp cOmpUTER: general information
Trip mileage resetting
With "trip mileage recorder" selected on
the display, press button 2 or 3 until the
mileage recorder resets to zero.
Resetting the journey
parameters (reset button)
With one of the journey parameters se-
lected on the display, press button 2
or 3 until the display resets.
Interpreting some of the
values displayed after
The values showing average fuel con-
sumption, range and average speed
will become more stable and reliable
the further you travel after pressing the
reset button.
For the first few miles after pressing
the reset key you will notice that the
range increases as you travel. This
range takes into account the average
fuel consumption since the last time the
reset button was pressed. Therefore,
the average fuel consumption may de-
crease when:
– the vehicle stops accelerating;
– the engine reaches its operat-
ing temperature (if the engine
was cold when the reset key was
– when driving from an urban area
onto the open road.
Automatic resetting of the
journey parameters
Resetting occurs automatically when
the maximum value of any of the pa-
rameters is exceeded.



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