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Renault Laguna Handbook: Battery; Connecting A Battery Charger

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BAtterY: troubleshooting
to avoid all risk of sparks:
Do not place metal objects on the bat-
tery as this could create a short circuit
between the terminals.


Never disconnect it.
Handle the battery with care as it contains sulphuric acid, which must not
come into contact with eyes or skin. If it does, wash the affected area with
plenty of cold water. If necessary, consult a doctor.
Ensure that naked flames, red hot objects and sparks do not come into
contact with the battery as there is a risk of explosion.
The engine may be hot when carrying out operations in close proximity. In addi-
tion, the engine cooling fan can come on at any moment.
Risk of injury.
connecting a battery charger
the battery charger must be com-
patible with a battery with nominal
voltage of 12 volts.
Follow the instructions given by the
manufacturer of the battery charger
you are using.
Starting the vehicle using the
battery from another vehicle
If you have to use the battery from an-
other vehicle to start, obtain suitable
jump leads (with a large cross section)
from an approved dealer or, if you al-
ready have jump leads, ensure that
they are in perfect condition.
the two batteries must have an iden-
tical nominal voltage of 12 volts. The
battery supplying the current should
have a capacity (amp-hours, Ah) which
is at least the same as that of the dis-
charged battery.
Special procedures may be
required to charge some
batteries. Contact an ap-
proved Dealer.
Avoid all risk of sparks which may
cause an immediate explosion, and
charge the battery in a well-venti-
lated area.
Risk of serious injury.


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