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tOWInG: breakdown
Before towing, unlock the steering
column: with the clutch depressed,
engage first gear (lever in position n
or r for vehicles with automatic trans-
missions), insert the RENAULT card in
the card reader then press the engine
start button for two seconds.
The column is unlocked, the acces-
sory functions are supplied: the vehi-
cle lights can be used (indicators, brake
lights etc.). At night the vehicle must
have its lights on.
Once you have finished towing, press
the engine start button twice (risk of
running down the battery).
The speed specified by current legis-
lation for towing must always be ob-
served. If your vehicle is the towing
vehicle, do not exceed the maximum
towing weight for your vehicle (refer to
the information on "Weights" in Section
RENAULT card from the
reader when the vehicle is
being towed.
towing a vehicle with an
automatic gearbox
With the engine switched off, the trans-
mission is no longer lubricated. It is
preferable to tow this type of vehicle on
a trailer or tow it with the front wheels
off the ground.
under exceptional circumstances,
you may tow the vehicle with all four
wheels on the ground, only going for-
ward, with the gear lever in the n posi-
tion, and for a distance not exceeding
30 miles (50 km).
If the lever is stuck in P,
even though you are de-
pressing the brake pedal,
the lever can be released
manually. To do this, insert a rigid
rod in the hole 1, press the rod and
unlocking button located on the gear
lever knob simultaneously.



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