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aDvICe: antipollution, fuel economy and driving
advice on use
– Electricity is fuel; switch off all the
electrical components which are
not really needed. however (safety
first), keep your lights on when the
visibility is bad ("see and be seen").
– Use the air vents. Driving with the
windows open at 60 mph (100 km/h)
will increase fuel consumption by
– In vehicles fitted with air condi-
tioning, it is normal to observe an
increase in fuel consumption (es-
pecially in urban conditions) when
it is used. For vehicles fitted with
manual air conditioning, switch off
the system when it is not required.
advice for reducing consumption
and therefore helping to preserve
the environment:
If the vehicle has been parked in the
sun, open the doors for a few mo-
ments to let the hot air escape before
starting the engine.
– Never fill the fuel tank right to the
brim to avoid overflow.
– Do not leave an empty roof rack
fitted to the vehicle.
– It is better to fit a trailer for bulky ob-
– When towing a caravan, fit a wind
deflector and adjust it carefully.
– Avoid using the car for door-to-door
calls (short journeys with long waits
in between) because the engine
never reaches its normal operating
– An underinflated tyre increases fuel
– The use of non-recommended tyres
can increase fuel consumption.



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