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tYre InFLAtIOn KIt
Depending on the vehicle, in the event
of a puncture, use the tyre inflation kit.
Before using this kit, park
the vehicle at a sufficient
distance from traffic, switch
on the hazard warning
lights, apply the handbrake, ask all
passengers to leave the vehicle and
keep them away from traffic.
– Take out compressor 4 and bottle 1
4 5 6
located under the luggage compart-
ment carpet;
– unroll inflation hose 8 and lead 9 lo-
cated under the compressor and in-
flation hose 10. Attach the bottle to
its mounting 3 and screw inflation
hose 8 onto end piece 2.
With the engine running and the
parking brake applied,
– unscrew the valve cap of the wheel
concerned and screw inflation
hose 10 onto the valve;
– connect end piece 9 to one of the ve-
hicle's accessories sockets (refer to
the information on the "Accessories
socket" in Section 3) then press
switch 7 to inflate the tyre to the rec-
ommended pressure (refer to the
label located on the edge of the driv-
er's door);
– after a maximum of 5 minutes, stop
inflating and read the pressure on
pressure gauge 6. To adjust the
pressure if necessary: continue in-
flating to increase the pressure or
press button 5 to decrease it.
If a minimum pressure of 1.8 bar is
not reached after 15 minutes, repair
is not possible; do not drive the ve-
hicle but contact an approved dealer.
If the vehicle is parked on
the hard shoulder, you must
warn other road users of
your vehicle's presence
with a warning triangle or with other
devices as per the legislation apply-
ing to the country you are in.



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