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Before fitting an electrical or
electronic device (particu-
larly for transmitters/receiv-
ers: frequency bandwidth,
power level, position of the aerial
etc.), ensure that it is compatible
with your vehicle.
Contact an approved dealer for this
use of transmission/
receiving devices
(telephones, cB
equipment etc.).
Telephones and CB equipment with
integrated aerials may cause inter-
ference to the original electronic
systems fitted to the vehicle: it is ad-
visable only to use equipment with
an external aerial.
Furthermore, we remind you of
the need to comply with the legis-
lation in force concerning the use
of such equipment.
Fitting after-market
If you wish to install acces-
sories on the vehicle: con-
sult an approved dealer.
Also, to ensure the correct opera-
tion of your vehicle, and to avoid
any risk to your safety, we recom-
mend that you use only specific ac-
cessories, designed for your vehi-
cle, which are the only accessories
for which the manufacturer will pro-
vide a warranty.
If you are using an anti-theft
device, only attach it to the
brake pedal.
electrical and electronic
– Connect
with a maximum power of
120 Watts only.
Fire hazard.
– No work may be carried out on
the vehicle's electrical or radio
circuits, except by approved
Dealers: an incorrectly con-
nected system may result in
damage being caused to the
electrical equipment and/or the
components connected to it;
– if the vehicle is fitted with any
aftermarket electrical equip-
ment, make sure that the unit
is correctly protected by a fuse.
Establish the rating and position
of this fuse.



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