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tYre InFLAtIOn KIt
Once the tyre is inflated correctly:
– stop using the kit;
– slowly unscrew the two inflation end
pieces 8 and 10;
– screw end piece 10 onto the bottle
so that no product escapes;
Nothing should be placed
around the driver's feet
as such objects may slide
under the pedals during
sudden braking manoeuvres and
obstruct their use.
– Affix the driving recommendation
label, located under bottle 1, to the
dashboard where it can easily be
seen by the driver;
– store the kit;
– after the first inflation procedure the
tyre will still be leaking; it is vital to
drive in order to plug the hole;
– Start immediately and drive at be-
tween 12 and 36 mph (20 and
60 km/h) to distribute the product
evenly throughout the tyre, stopping
after a distance of 2 miles (3 kilome-
tres) to check the pressure;
– if the pressure is above 1.3 bar but
lower than the recommended pres-
sure, readjust it (refer to the label
affixed to the edge of the driver's
door), otherwise contact an ap-
proved dealer: repair is not possible.
note: after using the inflation kit, you
should visit an approved Dealer to re-
place the inflation hose and the bottle
of repair product.
Precautions when using the
The kit should not be operated for more
than 15 consecutive minutes.
Please be aware that a
poorly tightened or miss-
ing valve cap can make the
tyres less airtight and lead
to pressure loss.
Always use valve caps identical to
those fitted originally and tighten
them fully.
Following repair with the kit,
do not travel further than
120 miles (200 km). In addi-
tion, reduce your speed and
under no circumstances exceed
48 mph (80 km/h). The sticker,
which you must affix in a prominent
position on the dashboard, reminds
you of this.
Depending on the country or local
legislation, a tyre repaired with the
inflation kit may need to be replaced.



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