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Renault Laguna Handbook: Adjusting The Ventilation Speed

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Adjusting the ventilation
Normal use
Pressing on the top or bottom of
button 4 increases or decreases the
ventilation speed: the more blades of
the ventilation fan seen in zone b are
lit, the higher the ventilation speed.
Note: to maintain a comfortable level,
we advise you to use a position be-
tween 3 and 5, half-lit.
Position 0 (ventilation fan in zone b
the system is deactivated: the ventila-
tion speed for the passenger compart-
ment air is zero (vehicle stationary),
you can however still feel a slight flow
of air when the vehicle is moving.
clear View function
Press button 7: the integrated indicator
light comes on.
This function quickly demists and de-
ices the windscreen, the rear screen,
the front side windows, and the door
mirrors (depending on the vehicle). The
air conditioning and rear screen de-ic-
ing functions must be activated.
Press button 6 to stop the heated rear
screen operating, and the integrated in-
dicator goes out.
To change the ventilation speed: press
button 4.
To exit this function, press button 7
Switching the air
recirculation on
Press air recirculation button 8: the in-
dicator light comes on.
In these conditions air is taken from the
passenger compartment and is recircu-
lated, with no air being taken from out-
side the vehicle.
Air recirculation is for:
– isolating the vehicle from the exter-
nal atmosphere (driving in polluted
areas, etc.);
– lowering the passenger compart-
ment temperature as quickly as pos-
Prolonged use of air recirculation
can lead to condensation form-
ing on the side windows and wind-
screen, and discomfort due to the
use of non-renewed air in the pas-
senger compartment.
We therefore advise you to return
to normal mode (external air) as
soon as the air recirculation function
is no longer required, by pressing
button 8 again.


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