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cHILd sAfETY: fitting a child seat
The table below summarises the information already shown on the diagram on the previous page, to ensure the regula-
tions in force are respected.
Type of child seat
carrycot fitted across the ve-
Group 0
shell seat/rear-facing seat
Group 0, 0+ and 1
forward-facing seat
Group 1
Booster seat
Group 2 and 3
X = Seat not suitable for fitting child seats.
U = Seat which allows a child seat with "Universal" approval to be installed using a seat belt; check that it can be fitted.
IUf/IL = On equipped vehicles, seat which allows an approved "Universal"/"semi-universal" or "vehicle specific" child seat to be
attached using the ISOFIX system; check that it can be fitted.
(1) Only a rear-facing child seat can be fitted in this seat: raise the seat to the maximum and position it as far back as possible,
tilting the seatback slightly (approximately 25°).
(2) A carrycot can be installed across the vehicle and will take up two seats. Position the child with his or her feet nearest the door.
(3) Move the front seat as far forward as possible to install a rear-facing child seat, then move back the seat in front as far as it will
go, although without allowing it to come into contact with the child seat.
(4) Forward-facing child seat; position the seatback of the child seat in contact with the seatback of the vehicle seat. Adjust the
height of the headrest or remove it if necessary; do not push the seat in front of the child more than halfway back on its runners
and do not recline the seatback more than 25°.
(5) RIsK Of dEATH OR sERIOUs INJURY: before installing a rear-facing child seat in the front passenger seat,
make sure the air bag has been deactivated (refer to the "Child safety: front passenger air bag deactivation/activation"
paragraph in Section 1).
seat size
Weight of
the child
< 10 kg
F, G
< 13 kg and 9 to
C, D, E
18 kg
9 to 18 kg
A, B, B1
15 to 25 kg and
22 to 36 kg
front passenger
Rear side seats
seat (1) (5)
U - IL (2)
U - IL (3)
U - IUF - IL (4)
Rear centre
U (4)



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