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    Congratulations on choosing your vehicle: in your Laguna, you will enjoy a unique driving experience! In order to make your experience as pleasant as possible, we suggest you discover how to get the best out of your Laguna by using this document.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Front and engine compar tment Passenger side Rear seats Rear Accessing the vehicle RENAULT card, instrument panel Dashboard Multimedia systems Lighting/Wipers Driver’s position: seats Driver’s position: settings Heating and air conditioning system Electronic parking brake Cruise control/Speed limiter Fuel Gadgets...

  • Page 4: Front And Engine Compar Tment

    F R O N T A N D E N G i N E C O M P A R T M E N T Screen washer fluid level Coolant level Engine oil level Add some fluid in the reservoir  if necessary. The level indicated on the tank 2 should be be- You can view the oil level on the instrument panel: tween MINI and MAXI.

  • Page 5: Passenger Side

    P A S S E N G E R S i D E Deactivating the front Sockets for audio passenger air bag connection If you wish to fit a rear-facing child seat on the Depending on the version, you have the option front passenger seat, you must deactivate the air to connect your portable audio devices, USB key, bag: with the vehicle stationary, turn switch  to...

  • Page 6: Rear Seats

    R E A R S E A T S Folding the seatback iSOFiX system In all cases, to return the seatback to its initial po- down sition, check that the seat belts are in the correct Each rear side seat is fitted with the ISOFIX child position and lift the seatback.

  • Page 7: Rear

    R E A R Parking distance control Opening the tailgate Tyre pressure kit/ emergency spare wheel On equipped vehicles, the parking distance con- Press button  located in the centre of the badge trol measures the distance between the rear and/ on the tailgate.

  • Page 8: Accessing The Vehicle

    Note: if required, you can use the manual mode or the key 2. To release the key, press button . After locking/unlocking the vehicle or the tailgate only using the buttons on the RENAULT card, remote locking and unlocking in hands-free mode are deactivated.

  • Page 9: Renault Card, Instrument Panel

    C A R D / i N S T R U M E N T P A N E L Starting the engine With the remote control RENAULT card in reader 2 or the hands-free RENAULT card in the passenger compartment (excluding certain high locations such as the sun visor, etc.) apply the following...

  • Page 10: Dashboard

    D A S H B O A R D...

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    – Distance before service: 3 Seat belt reminders: The vehicle is fitted with a system that moni-  RENAULT card reader. tors the condition of the engine oil. This system ç adapts the distance before service in real time driver or front passenger seat belt not 2 Engine start/stop button.

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    A U D i O S Y S T E M 20:34 100.00 RADIO 1 RDS-AF TRAFFIC LISTENING TO THE RADIO, A CD (AUDIO AND – To update the list: – To store up to 12 FM stations: Mp3) OR A pLAyER Press B, then E or turn G to select the “Update FM Select a radio station, press F, then use E or turn G Select the desired source by pressing one of the...

  • Page 13

    P H O N E / A U D i O S Y S T E M 10:46 103.90 RADIO 1 RADIO MEM. RDS-AF TRAFFIC To switch the system on or off, press A. Adjust the TO UpDATE THE LIST: To recall a stored station, move across to the sta- volume by turning button A.

  • Page 14

    P H O N E / N A v i G A T i O N S Y S T E M LISTENING TO THE RADIO OR A CD To recall a stored radio station, press the corre- – enter the address fields (town and street) using Choose the source (FM radio or CD) by pressing sponding button.

  • Page 15

    L i G H T S / W i P E R S Lighting Wiping AUTO: activate the automatic headlights (depend- On stalk , turn ring A to: ing on the vehicle). Stalk 2 in position: 0: park; switch on the side lights; Turn ring B, then release it to: AUTO: intermittent wiping or, depending on the ve- hicle, automatic wiping...

  • Page 16: Driver's Position: Seats

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N : S E A T S Manual seat adjustment TO TILT THE SEATBACk ADJUSTING THE LUMBAR SUppORT ON THE Turn control knob 3. DRIVER’S SEAT TO MOVE THE SEAT FORWARDS OR BACkWARDS Lift handle , slide the seat to the required posi- Lower handle 4 to increase the support and lift it...

  • Page 17

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N : S E A T S TO RAISE OR LOWER THE FRONT OF THE SEAT BASE On the driver’s side, raise or lower the front of the switch  until the required height is reached.

  • Page 18

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N : A D j U S T M E N T Headrest Seat belt Door mirrors RAISING THE HEADREST ADJUSTING THE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Press button 3 to select the rear view mirror to be Raise the headrest to the required height.

  • Page 19: Manual Air Conditioning

    H E A T i N G A N D A i R C O N D i T i O N i N G S Y S T E M AIR CONDITIONING Button 6: – authorises the air conditioning (AC OFF indica- tor light off);...

  • Page 20: Electronic Parking Brake

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N Electronic parking brake Cruise control/speed Cruise control/speed limiter limiter controls Depending on the vehicle, the brake is automati- cally activated when the engine is switched off by If fitted to the vehicle, activate the cruise control or pressing the engine start/stop button (unless the 2 Main “On/Off”...

  • Page 21: Fuel

    F U E L Fuel tank Your vehicle is fitted with an integrated fuel filler flap. – Press the left-hand side of the flap to open it, then insert the nozzle. – When driving, when the low fuel level warning light comes on, fill the tank as soon as possible.

  • Page 22

    G A D G E T S Cup holder Ticket holder Automatic raising of electric windows Press  to deploy the cup holder. Push it to return The driver’s sun visor is fitted with a band 2 which it to its housing. holds motorway tolls and this reference guide, etc.

  • Page 23

    à999101467Rë ù ê ä RENAULT S.A.S. SOCIÉTÉ PAR ACTIONS SIMPLIFIÉE AU CAPITAL DE 533 941 113 € / 13-15, QUAI LE GALLO 92100 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT R.C.S. NANTERRE 780 129 987 — SIRET 780 129 987 03591 / TÉL. : 0810 40 50 60...

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