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The presence and operation of the warning lights dEpENd ON THE EQUIpmENT ANd cOUNTRY.
Low fuel level warning light
This lights up when the ignition
is switched on and goes out after a few
seconds. If it lights up when driving, fill
up with fuel as soon as possible. There
is only approximately 30 miles (50 km)
worth of fuel left after the first indicator
light comes on.
front seat belt reminder
warning light
This comes on when starting the engine
then, if the driver's or front passenger's
seat belt (if this seat is occupied) is not
fastened and the vehicle has reached
approximately 12 mph (20 km/h), it
flashes and a bleep sounds for around
120 seconds.
Note: an object placed on the passen-
ger seat base may activate the warning
light in some cases.
Rear seat belt reminder
The number of rear seat belts fastened
appears on instrument panel A for ap-
proximately 30 seconds each time:
– the vehicle is started;
– a door is opened;
– a rear seat belt is fastened or unfas-
Check that the rear passengers are
wearing seat belts and that the number
of seat belt shown as fastened corre-
sponds to the number of rear bench
seat places occupied.
passenger air bag Off
Refer to the information on
"Child safety" in Section 1.
Air bag warning light
This comes on when the igni-
tion is switched on and goes out after a
few seconds.
If it does not light up when the ignition
is switched on, or comes on when the
engine is running, there is a fault in the
Contact your approved Dealer as soon
as possible.
speed limiter and cruise
control indicator lights
See the information on the "Speed lim-
iter" and "Cruise control" in Section 2.



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