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Air recirculation

This function is controlled automati-
cally, but it can also be activated manu-
Automatic operation
Your system is fitted with a sensor which
measures the air on a quality index. it
may therefore decide to activate air re-
circulation, in this case the integrated
indicator does not come on.
– during recirculation, air is taken from
the passenger compartment and
is recycled, with no air being taken
from outside the vehicle;
– air recirculation allows the external
atmosphere to be cut off (when driv-
ing in polluted areas, etc.).
Manual use
Pressing button 9 allows air recircula-
tion to be activated, in this case, the
integrated indicator comes on;
Prolonged use of this position may lead
to odours, caused by non-renewal of
air, and the formation of condensation
on the windows.
We therefore advise you to return to au-
tomatic mode as soon as the air recir-
culation function is no longer required,
by pressing button 9 again.
In automatic mode (AUTO lit on the
display), all heating and air condi-
tioning functions are controlled by
the system.
When you modify certain functions,
AUTO goes out. Only the modified
function stops being controlled by
the system.
The demisting/de-icing will still take
priority over the air recirculation.
In some situations (high humidity,
etc.) air recirculation is not activated
automatically, to ensure visibility
remains the priority (ventilation is
maintained using air from the out-



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