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Renault Laguna Handbook: Locking The Vehicle

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"HANds-fREE" RENAULT cARd: use

Locking the vehicle

There are three ways to lock the vehi-
cle: remotely, using button 5, or using
the RENAULT card.
Remote locking
With the RENAULT card on you, and
doors and tailgate closed, move away
from the vehicle: it will lock automati-
cally once you have left zone 1.
Note: the distance at which the vehicle
locks depends on the surroundings.
The hazard warning lights flash twice
and a beep sounds to indicate that the
doors have locked.
This beep can be changed or switched
off. Consult an approved Dealer.
If a door or the tailgate is open or not
properly shut, or a card is in the passen-
ger compartment (or the card reader)
the vehicle will not lock. In this situa-
tion, no beep sounds and the hazard
warning lights do not flash.
Locking using button 5
With the doors and tailgate closed,
press button 5 on the driver's door
handle. The vehicle will lock. If a door
or the tailgate is open or not closed
properly, the vehicle will quickly lock/
Note: the RENAULT card must be
within the vehicle's access zone
(zone 1) to be able to use the button for
special note:
If you wish to check that the doors are
locked after locking using button 5, you
have approximately three seconds to
try the door handles without unlocking
After this time, the "hands-free" mode
is activated once again and any move-
ment of a handle will unlock the vehicle.



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