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To raise the headrest
Pull the headrest upwards to the de-
sired height.
To lower the headrest
Press button 2 and guide the headrest
down to the desired height.
To adjust the angle of the
Depending on the vehicle, tilt section A
towards or away from you to the re-
quired position.
To remove the headrest
Raise the headrest to its highest po-
sition (tilt the seatback backwards if
necessary). Press button 1 and lift the
headrest to release it.
To refit the headrest
Pull out the headrest rods 3 as far as
possible by pulling from the top. Take
care to ensure they are clean and cor-
rectly aligned and, if there are any prob-
lems, check that the notches are facing
Insert the headrest rods into the holes
(tilt the seatback backwards if neces-
Lower the headrest until it locks, press
button 1 and lower the headrest as far
as possible.
Check that each headrest rod 3 is se-
curely locked in the seatback by trying
to pull them up or push them down.
The three upper positions can
be manipulated without pressing
button 2. However, it is preferable to
press this button to lower the head-
The headrest is an impor-
tant safety component:
ensure that it is in place and
in the correct position. The
distance between your head and the
headrest and the distance between
the head and section A should be
as small as possible.


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