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Renault Laguna Handbook: Electronic Stability Program

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electronic stability program

(eSP) with understeer control
and traction control (aSR)
electronic stability program eSP
This system helps you to keep control
of the vehicle in critical driving condi-
tions (avoiding an obstacle, loss of grip
on a bend, etc.).
operating principle
A sensor in the steering wheel detects
the direction selected by the driver.
Other sensors throughout the vehicle
measure the actual direction.
The system compares the direction se-
lected by the driver and the actual di-
rection of the vehicle and corrects this
as necessary by applying the brakes
selectively and/or acting on the engine
Understeer control
This system optimises the action of the
ESP in the case of pronounced unders-
teering (loss of front axle road holding).
traction control (aSR)
This system helps to limit wheelspin of
the drive wheels and to control the ve-
hicle when pulling away accelerating or
operating principle
Using the wheel sensors, the system
measures and compares the speed of
the drive wheels at all times and slows
down their over-rotation. If a wheel is
starting to slip, the system brakes au-
tomatically until the drive supplied be-
comes compatible with the level of grip
under the wheel again.
The system also adjusts the engine
speed to the grip available under the
wheels, independently of the pressure
exerted on the accelerator pedal.
operating faults
When the system detects an operating
fault the message "Check ESP" and the
warning light appear on the in-
strument panel. In this case, the ESP
and ASR are deactivated.
Consult an approved dealer.



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