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aSSISteD PaRkING bRake
versions with an automatic
For safety reasons, automatic release
is deactivated when the driver's door
is open or not shut properly and the
engine is running (in order to prevent
the vehicle from moving without the
driver). The "release manually" mes-
sage appears on the instrument panel
when the driver depresses the accel-
Never leave your vehicle
without moving the selec-
tor lever to position P or N.
This is because when the
vehicle is stationary with the engine
running and a gear engaged, the
vehicle may begin to move if you
there is a risk of accidents.
operating faults
– If there is a fault, the
light illuminates on the instrument
panel accompanied by the "Check
parking brake" message and, in
some cases, the
Contact an approved Dealer as soon
as possible.
If no lights or sounds are
apparent, this indicates
a fault in the instrument
panel. This indicates that it
is essential to stop immediately
(as soon as traffic conditions
allow). Ensure that the vehicle is
correctly immobilised and contact
an approved Dealer.
– If there is an electronic parking brake
fault, the
minate accompanied by the "Parking
brake fault" message, a beep and in
some cases the
This means that you must stop as
soon as traffic conditions allow.
It is therefore essential to
immobilise the vehicle by
engaging first gear (manual
gearbox) or position P (au-
tomatic gearbox). If the slope re-
quires it, chock the vehicle.
warning lights illu-
warning light.



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