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Brake fluid level

The level should be read with the engine
switched off and on level ground. This
should be checked frequently, and any
time you notice even the slightest loss
in braking efficiency.
Level 1
The level normally goes down at the
same time as the brake lining wear,
but it must never go below the « MINI "
warning level.
If you wish to check the disc and drum
wear yourself, you should obtain the
document explaining the checking pro-
cedure from our network or from the
manufacturer's website.
The engine may be hot
when carrying out opera-
tions in close proximity. In
addition, the engine cooling
fan can come on at any moment.
Risk of injury.
topping up
After any operation on the hydraulic cir-
cuit, a specialist must replace the fluid.
Only use fluids approved by our
Technical Department (and taken from
a sealed container).
Replacement intervals
Refer to the Maintenance Service
Booklet for your vehicle.


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