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Renault Laguna Handbook: Electric Windows, Electric Sunroof

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These systems operate with the igni-
tion on or off, until the driver's door is
opened (limited to about 5 minutes).
Safety of rear occupants
Depending on the vehicle,
the driver can disable op-
eration of the electric win-
dows and the rear doors by press-
ing switch 4. The indicator light
integrated in the switch lights up to
confirm that the locks have been ac-
Driver's responsibility
Never leave your vehicle with the
RENAULT card inside and never
leave a child (or a pet) unsuper-
vised, even for a short while. The
reason for this is that the child may
endanger himself or others by start-
ing the engine, activating equipment
such as the electric window, or lock-
ing the doors. If any part of the body
becomes trapped, reverse the di-
rection of the window immediately
by pressing the relevant switch.
Risk of serious injury.
Electric windows
Press or pull the switch to raise or lower
a window to the desired height (the rear
windows do not open fully); Operate the
switches as follows:
1 for the driver's window;
2 for the front passenger window;
3 and 5 for the rear windows.
From the passenger seats, use
switch 6.
Avoid resting any objects against a
half-open window: there is a risk that
the electric window winder could be
one-touch mode
Depending on the vehicle, this mode is
additional to the operation of the elec-
tric windows. It may be fitted to the driv-
er's window only, or to all the windows.
Briefly press or pull (fully) the window
switch: the window is fully lowered or
raised. Pressing the switch again stops
the window moving.
Note: if the window detects resistance
when closing (e.g. fingers, branch of
a tree, etc.) it stops and then lowers
again by a few centimetres.



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