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Renault Laguna Handbook: Stop And Start Function

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This system enables a reduced fuel
consumption and lower greenhouse
gas emissions.
The system is activated automatically
when the vehicle is started.
While driving, the system stops the
engine (standby) when the vehicle is
at a standstill (traffic jam, traffic lights,
System operating conditions
Engine standby is activated if:
– the vehicle has been driven since its
last stop;
– the gearbox is in neutral;
– the clutch pedal is released;
– the vehicle is travelling at less than
3 km/h.
Do not drive off when the
engine is on standby (the
message "Auto Stop" is dis-
played on the instrument
The message "Auto Stop" on the instru-
ment panel indicates that the engine is
on standby.
The vehicle equipment remain opera-
tional while the engine is stopped.
The engine will restart when you press
the clutch pedal and move into gear.
Special feature of vehi-
cles equipped with an
electronic parking brake
If the engine is put on
standby (the message "Auto Stop"
is displayed on the instrument
panel), the electronic parking brake
is not applied automatically.
Before getting out of the
vehicle, you must switch
off the ignition by pressing
the engine stop (please see
"Starting, stopping the engine").
Special feature of the automatic
engine re-start
Under certain conditions, the engine
can restart on its own in order to guar-
antee your safety and comfort.
This can occur especially when:
– the outdoor temperature is too low or
too high (less than around 0 °C or
higher than around 30 °C);
– the "Clear View" function is activated
(please see "Automatic Climate
Control" in Section 3);
– the battery is not sufficiently charged;
– the vehicle speed is above 7 km/h
(downhill slope, etc.);
– repeated pressing on the brake
pedal or braking system require-
– ...
Engine on standby - braking
assistance is no longer op-



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