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Front parking distance
(depending on vehicle)
The parking distance control system
is only activated when the vehicle is
driven at a speed below approximately
6 mph (10 km/h).
Any object located less than approxi-
mately 60 centimetres from the front of
the vehicle is detected.
Display A shows the detection zones
and a beep sounds.
automatic activation/deactivation of
the front parking distance control
The system deactivates:
– when the assisted parking brake is
– when the vehicle speed is above ap-
proximately 6 mph (10 km/h);
– when the vehicle is stationary for
more than approximately five sec-
onds (such as when in a traffic jam
or waiting at red lights, etc.);
– when the vehicle is in neutral or
when the gear lever has been shifted
to N or P for automatic gearboxes.
Rear parking distance control
(depending on vehicle)
When reversing, any object located
less than approximately 1.50 metres
away from the rear of the vehicle is de-
tected and a beep is emitted.
If there are obstacles located close to
both the front and rear of the vehicle,
only the closest of the two will be ac-
knowledged and the corresponding
front or rear beep sound will be emit-
ted. If obstacles are detected both to
the front and to the rear of the vehicle at
the same time, and they are both less
than 30 centimetres away from the ve-
hicle, the corresponding front and rear
beeps will be emitted alternately.



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