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Renault Laguna Handbook: Bodywork Maintenance

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A well-maintained vehicle will last
longer. It is therefore recommended to
maintain the exterior of the vehicle reg-
protection against the effects
of corrosive agents
Although your vehicle has been treated
with very effective anti-corrosion prod-
ucts, it nevertheless remains subject to
the effects of different parameters.
Corrosive agents in the
– atmospheric pollution (built-up and
industrial areas);
– saline atmospheres (near the sea,
particularly in hot weather);
– seasonal and damp weather condi-
tions, (e.g. road salt in winter, water
from road cleaners, etc.).
Abrasive action
Wind-borne dust and sand, mud, road
grit thrown up by other vehicles, etc.
Minor impacts
You should take a minimum number of
precautions in order to safeguard your
vehicle against such risks and not to
lose the benefit of your vehicle's anti-
corrosion protection.
What you should not do
Do not degrease or clean mechanical
components (e.g. the engine compart-
ment), underneath the body, parts with
hinges (e.g. inside the charging flap)
and painted plastic external fittings
(e.g. bumpers) using high-pressure
cleaning equipment or by spraying on
products not approved by our Technical
Department. If adequate precautions
are not taken, this could give rise to cor-
rosion or operational faults.
Wash the vehicle in bright sunlight or
freezing temperatures.
Scrape off mud or dirt without pre-wet-
Allow dirt to accumulate on the exterior.
Allow rust to form following minor im-
Use solvents not approved by our
Technical Department to remove stains
as this could damage the paintwork.
Drive frequently in snow or muddy con-
ditions without washing the vehicle,
particularly under the wheel arches and



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