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Your vehicle has been designed with
respect for the environment in mind for
its entire service life: during production,
use and at the end of its life.
This commitment is illustrated by the
Renault eco² signature.
Your vehicle has been manufactured at
an factory which uses a progress policy
to reduce the environmental impact on
the surrounding area and nature (re-
duction of water and energy consump-
tion, visual and noise pollution, atmos-
pheric emissions and waste water,
sorting and reusing waste).
Your vehicle has been designed to emit
fewer greenhouse gases (CO2) while in
use, and therefore to consume less fuel
(eg. 140 g/km, equivalent to 5.3 l/100
km for a diesel vehicle).
Our vehicles are also equipped with a
particle filter system including a cata-
lytic converter, an oxygen sensor and
an active carbon filter (the latter pre-
vents vapour from the fuel tank being
released into the open air).
For certain diesel vehicles, this system
also has a particle filter to reduce the
volume of soot particles emitted.
Please make your own
contribution towards
protecting the environment
– Worn parts replaced in the course of
routine vehicle maintenance (vehi-
cle battery, oil filter, air filter, batter-
ies, etc.) and oil containers (empty or
filled with used oil) must be disposed
of through specialist organisations.
– At the end of the vehicle's service
life, it should be sent to approved
centres to ensure that it is recycled.
– In all cases, comply with local legis-
Your vehicle is 85% recyclable and
95% recoverable.
To achieve these objectives, many of
the vehicle components have been de-
signed to enable them to be recycled.
The materials and structures have
been carefully designed to allow these
components to be easily removed and
reprocessed by specialist companies.
In order to preserve raw material re-
sources, this vehicle incorporates nu-
merous parts made from recycled plas-
tics or renewable materials (vegetable
or animal-derived materials such as
cotton or wool).



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