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Conditions preventing the
standby of the engine
Certain conditions prevent the system
from using the engine standby function,
including when:
– reverse gear is engaged;
– the bonnet is not locked;
– the driver's door is not closed;
– the driver's seatbelt is not fastened;
– the outdoor temperature is too low or
too high (less than around 0 °C or
higher than around 30 °C);
– the battery is not sufficiently charged;
– the difference between the vehicle
interior temperature and the auto-
matic climate control instruction is
too high;
– the "Clear View" function is activated
(please see "Automatic Climate
Control" in Section 3);
– the engine coolant temperature is
too low;
– automatic particle filter cleaning is
– ...
Special cases
– While the system is operating, and
the engine is stopped (traffic jam,
traffic lights, etc.), if the driver gets
out of their seat or unfastens their
seatbelt and opens the driver's door,
the ignition will be switched off and,
depending on the vehicle, the elec-
tronic parking brake will be automat-
ically deployed. To restart and re-
activate the Stop and Start system,
press the start button (please see
"Starting, stopping the engine").
– In the event of the engine stalling,
if the system is operational, press
down the clutch pedal as far as it will
go to restart.
To fill up with fuel, the engine must
be stopped (and not on standby):
always stop the engine by pressing
the engine stop button (please see
"Starting, stopping the engine)".
Deactivate the Stop and
Start function for any opera-
tion performed in the engine



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