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Renault Laguna Handbook: Weights; Towing Weights

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Weights (in kg)
the weights indicated for a basic vehicle without options: they vary depending on the your vehicle's equipment. consult
your approved dealer.
maximum permissible all-up weight (mmac)
total train weight (mtR)
Braked trailer Weight*
Unbraked trailer Weight*
permissible nose weight*
permissible load on the roof with the carrying device
* towing weight (towing a caravan, boat, etc.)
Towing is prohibited when the calculation MTR (Total train weight) - MMAC (Maximum permissible all-up weight) is zero.
– It is important to comply with the towing weights, governed by local legislation in each country and, in particular, laid down in
the Road Traffic Regulations. Contact your approved dealer about any towing equipment.
– When towing, under no circumstances may the total train weight (vehicle + trailer) be exceeded. However the following is
– the Maximum permissible weight at the rear may be exceeded by no more than 15%,
– the maximum permissible all-up weight may be exceeded by no more than 10% or 100 kg (whichever occurs first).
In either case, the maximum speed of the vehicle and trailer must not exceed 60 mph (100 kph) and the tyre pressures must
be increased by 0.2 bar (3 PSI).
– The engine output and climbing capability are reduced with altitude. We recommend that the maximum load be reduced by 10%
at an altitude of 1,000 metres and by an additional 10% for each 1,000 metres thereafter.
Weights are indicated on the vehicle identification plate (refer to
the information on "Vehicle identification plates" in Section 6)
found by calculating: mtR - mmac
80 kg (including the carrying device)



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