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Varying the ventilation speed
In automatic mode, the system uses
the most suitable amount of air to reach
and maintain the desired comfort level.
You can always adjust the ventilation
speed by pressing on the top or bottom
of button 11 to increase or decrease the
ventilation speed.
In this situation, the ventilation speed,
which is no longer automatically con-
trolled, appears on the display.
Switching air conditioning on
or off
In automatic mode, the system switches
the air conditioning system on or off,
depending on the climate conditions.
Press button 10 to switch off the air
Where possible, it is recom-
mended that automatic mode is
used by selecting one of the auto-
matic programmes: AuTo, SoFT
or FAST.
In automatic mode (indicator light
for button 3 on), all heating and air
conditioning functions are controlled
by the system.
You can also change the system
selection, in this case, indicator
light for button 3 will go out and
the changed function, which is no
longer controlled by the system, is
shown on display 12.
To return to automatic mode, press
one of programmes: AuTo, SoFT
or FAST.
The displayed temperature values
show a comfort level.
When starting the engine, increas-
ing or decreasing the value dis-
played will not allow the com-
fort level to be reached any more
quickly. The system will always op-
timise the temperature increase or
decrease (the ventilation system
does not start instantly at maximum
speed: it gradually increases). This
may take several minutes.
Generally speaking, unless there is
a particular reason not to, the dash-
board air vents should remain open.


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