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Interior locking/unlocking
door control
Switch 4 controls the doors, tailgate
and, depending on the vehicle, the fuel
filler flap simultaneously.
If a door or the tailgate is open or not
closed properly, the doors and tailgate
lock/unlock quickly.
If transporting an object with the tail-
gate open, you can still lock the doors:
with the engine stopped, press and
hold switch 4 for more than five sec-
onds to lock the other doors.
Locking the doors without
the RENAULT card
For example, in the event of a dis-
charged battery or the RENAULT card
temporarily not working, etc.
With the engine switched off and a
door or tailgate open, press and hold
switch 4 for more than five seconds.
When the door is closed, all the doors
and the tailgate will be locked.
The vehicle can only be unlocked from
outside when the RENAULT card is in
the vehicle's access zone.
After locking/unlocking the vehicle
or the luggage compartment only
using the buttons on the RENAULT
card, remote locking and unlocking
in hands-free mode are deactivated.
To reactivate the hands-free mode:
restart the vehicle.
doors and tailgate status

indicator light

When the ignition is on, the indicator
light integrated in switch 4 informs you
of the status of the doors and tailgate:
– light on, the doors and tailgate are
– light off, the doors and tailgate are
When you lock the doors, the indicator
light remains lit and then goes out.
Never leave your vehicle
with the RENAULT card
driver's responsibility
If you decide to keep the
doors locked when you are
driving, remember that it
may be more difficult for those as-
sisting you to gain access to the
passenger compartment in the
event of an emergency.


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