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Renault Laguna Handbook: Interior Trim Maintenance; Seat Belts

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A well-maintained vehicle will last
longer. It is therefore recommended to
maintain the interior of the vehicle regu-
A stain should always be dealt with
Whatever type of stain is on the trim,
use cold (or warm) soapy water with
natural soap.
Detergents (washing-up liquid, pow-
dered products, alcohol-based prod-
ucts) should not be used.
Use a soft cloth.
Rinse and soak up the excess.
Glass instrument panel
(e.g. instrument panel, clock, exterior
temperature display, radio display, etc.)
Use a soft cloth (or cotton wool).
If this does not clean it properly, use a
soft cloth (or cotton wool) slightly mois-
tened with soapy water and then wipe
clean with a soft damp cloth or cotton
Finally, carefully dry off with a soft dry
Cleaning products containing alco-
hol must not be used under any cir-

Seat belts

These must be kept clean.
Use products selected by our Technical
Department (Approved outlets) or
warm, soapy water and a sponge and
wipe with a dry cloth.
Detergents or dyes must not be used
under any circumstances.
textiles (seats, door trim, etc)
Vacuum-clean the textiles regularly.
Liquid stain
Use soapy water.
Dab lightly (never rub) with a soft cloth,
rinse and remove the excess.
Solid or pasty stain
Carefully remove the excess solid or
pasty material immediately with a
spatula (working from the edges to the
centre to avoid spreading the stain).
Clean as for a liquid stain.
Special instructions for sweets or
chewing gum
Put an ice cube on the stain to solidify
it, then proceed as for a solid stain.
For further recommendations for
maintaining the interior, and/or for
any unsatisfactory results, please
see an authorised dealer.



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