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   Summary of Contents for Renault Laguna Coupe

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    New Laguna Coupé e-Guide, available at Translated from French. Copying or translation, in part or in full, is forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from RENAULT, 92100 Billancourt 2009.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Front and engine compar tment Passenger side Rear seats Rear Accessing the vehicle RENAULT card, instrument panel Dashboard Multimedia systems Lighting/Wipers Driver’s position: seats Driver’s position: settings Heating and air conditioning system Assisted parking brake Cruise control/Speed limiter Fuel Gadgets...

  • Page 4: Front And Engine Compar Tment

    F R O N T A N D E N G i N E C O M P A R T M E N T Screen washer fluid level Coolant level Engine oil level Add some fluid in the reservoir  if necessary. The level indicated on reservoir 2 should be be- You can view the oil level on the instrument panel: tween MIN and MAX.

  • Page 5: Passenger Side

    P A S S E N G E R S i D E Deactivating the front Sockets for audio passenger air bag connection If you wish to fit a rear-facing child seat on the Depending on the version, you have the option to front passenger seat, you must deactivate the air connect all of your portable devices (USB key, MP3 bag: with the vehicle stationary, turn switch ...

  • Page 6: Rear Seats

    Check that it is correctly locked. Consult your RENAULT Dealer to find out about the equipment available for your vehicle. Ensure that nobody is near to the bench seat when you fold it down.

  • Page 7: Rear

    R E A R Parking distance control Opening the tailgate Tyre inflation kit/ emergency spare wheel On equipped vehicles, the parking distance con- Press button  located in the centre of the badge trol measures the distance between the rear and/ on the tailgate.

  • Page 8: Accessing The Vehicle

    Note: if required, you can use the manual mode or the key 2. To release the key, press button . After locking/unlocking the vehicle or the tailgate only using the buttons on the RENAULT card, remote locking and unlocking in hands-free mode are deactivated.

  • Page 9: Renault

    C A R D / i N S T R U M E N T P A N E L Starting the engine With the remote control RENAULT card in reader 2 or the hands-free RENAULT card in the passenger compartment (excluding certain high locations such as the sun visor, etc.) apply the following...

  • Page 10: Dashboard

    D A S H b O A R D...

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    0 Cruise control/speed limiter on/off main switch. – Distance before service:  RENAULT card reader. The vehicle is fitted with a system that moni- 2 Engine start/stop button. tors the condition of the engine oil. This system 3 Cruise control/speed limiter controls.

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    P H O N E / A U D i O S Y S T E M 10:46 103.90 RADIO 1 RADIO MEM. RDS-AF TRAFFIC To switch the system on or off, press A. Adjust the TO UpDATE THE LIST: To recall a stored station, move across to the sta- volume by turning button A.

  • Page 13

    P H O N E / N A v i G A T i O N S Y S T E M LISTENING TO THE RADIO OR A CD To recall a stored radio station, press the corre- CANCELLING AN ACTION Choose the source (FM radio or CD) by pressing sponding button.

  • Page 14

    P H O N E / N A v i G A T i O N S Y S T E M LISTENING TO THE RADIO OR A CD To recall a stored radio station, press the corre- – enter the address fields (town and street) using Choose the source (FM radio or CD) by pressing sponding button.

  • Page 15: Lighting/wipers

    L i G H T i N G / W i P E R S AUTO Lighting Wiping Turn ring B, then release it to: On stalk , turn ring A to: Stalk 2 in position: switch on the side lights; switch on the rear fog light.

  • Page 16: Driver's Position: Seats

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N : S E A T S Manual seat adjustment TO TILT THE SEATBACk ADJUSTING THE LUMBAR SUppORT ON THE Turn control knob 3. DRIVER’S SEAT TO MOVE THE SEAT FORWARDS OR BACkWARDS Lift handle , slide the seat to the required posi- Lower handle 4 to increase the support and lift it...

  • Page 17: Heated Seats

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N : S E A T S Electric seat adjustment TO TILT THE SEATBACk ACCESS TO THE REAR SEATS Move the top of the switch 2 forwards or back- Manually controlled seats TO MOVE THE SEAT FORWARDS OR BACkWARDS wards until the required angle is reached.

  • Page 18

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N : A D j U S T M E N T TILTING THE DOOR MIRRORS When switching to reverse, you can adjust and store the position of the door mirrors so as to facilitate manoeuvres.

  • Page 19: Automatic Climate Control

    H E A T i N G A N D A i R C O N D i T i O N i N G S Y S T E M AIR CONDITIONING Button 2 activates (integrated indicator off) or in- hibits (integrated indicator on) the operation of the air conditioning.

  • Page 20: Cruise Control/speed Limiter

    D R i v E R ’ S P O S i T i O N Electronic parking brake Cruise control/speed Cruise control/speed limiter limiter controls Depending on the vehicle, the brake is automati- cally activated when the engine is switched off by If fitted to the vehicle, activate the cruise control or pressing the engine start/stop button (unless the 2 Main “On/Off”...

  • Page 21: Fuel

    F U E L Fuel tank Your vehicle is fitted with an integrated fuel filler flap . – Press the left-hand side of the flap to open it, then insert the nozzle. – When driving, when the low fuel level warning light comes on, fill the tank as soon as possible.

  • Page 22

    G A D G E T S Cup holder Ticket holder Automatic raising of electric windows Press  to deploy the cup holder. Push it to return The driver’s sun visor is fitted with a band 2 which it to its housing. holds motorway tolls and this reference guide, etc.

  • Page 23

    à999104027Rê ñ ò ä RENAULT S.A.S. SOCIÉTÉ PAR ACTIONS SIMPLIFIÉE AU CAPITAL DE 533 941 113 € / 13-15, QUAI LE GALLO 92100 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT R.C.S. NANTERRE 780 129 987 — SIRET 780 129 987 03591 / TÉL. : 0810 40 50 60...

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