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Removal/replacing removable
equipment originally fitted in
the vehicle
If you need to remove equipment in
order to clean the passenger com-
partment (for example, mats), always
ensure that they are correctly refitted
and are the right way around (the driv-
er's mat should be fitted on the driver's
side, etc.) and fit them with the compo-
nents supplied with the equipment (for
example, the driver mat should always
be fixed using the pre-fitted mounting
With the vehicle stationary, ensure that
nothing will impede driving (anything
obstructing the pedals, heel wedged by
the mat, etc.).
you should not:
You are strongly advised not to po-
sition objects such as deodorants,
scents, etc. near air vents, as this could
damage your dashboard trim.
You are strongly recom-
mended not to use high-
pressure or spray cleaning
equipment inside the pas-
senger compartment: use of such
equipment could impair the correct
functioning of the electrical or elec-
tronic components in the vehicle, or
have other detrimental effects.



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