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you should
Observe the vehicle stopping distances
when driving on gravelled surfaces to
prevent paint damage.
Repair, or have repaired quickly, areas
where the paint has been damaged, to
prevent corrosion spreading.
Remember to visit the body shop pe-
riodically in order to maintain your
anti-corrosion warranty. Refer to the
Maintenance Service Booklet.
Respect local regulations about wash-
ing vehicles (e.g. do not wash your ve-
hicle on a public highway).
Wash your car frequently, with the
engine off, with cleaning products rec-
ommended by the manufacturer (never
use abrasive products). Rinse thor-
oughly beforehand with a jet:
– spots of tree resin and industrial
– mud in the wheel arches and under-
neath the body which forms damp
– bird droppings, which cause a
chemical reaction with the paint that
rapidly discolours paintwork and
may even cause the paint to peel
Wash the vehicle immediately to
remove these marks since it is im-
possible to remove them by polish-
– salt, particularly in the wheel arches
and underneath the body after driv-
ing in areas where the roads have
been gritted.
Using a roller type car wash
Return the windscreen wiper stalk to
the Park position (refer to the informa-
tion on the "Windscreen washer, wiper"
in Section 1). Check the mounting of
external accessories, additional lights
and mirrors, and ensure that the wiper
blades are secured with adhesive tape.
Remove the radio aerial mast if your
vehicle is fitted with this equipment.
Remember to remove the tape and refit
the antenna after washing.
If it is necessary to clean mechani-
cal components, hinges, etc., spray
them with products approved by our
Technical Department to protect them
after they have been cleaned.
Cleaning the headlights
As the headlights are made of plastic
"glass", use a soft cloth or cotton wool
to clean them. If this does not clean
them properly, moisten the cloth with
soapy water, then wipe clean with a soft
damp cloth or cotton wool.
Finally, carefully dry off with a soft dry
Cleaning products containing alco-
hol must not be used.
We have selected special products
to care for your vehicle and you can
obtain these from the manufactur-
er's accessory outlets.



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