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Renault Laguna Handbook: Operating Principle

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If the vehicle is equipped with the func-
tion, this system monitors the tyre pres-

operating principle

Each wheel (except for the emergency
spare wheel) has a sensor in the infla-
tion valve which periodically measures
the tyre pressure.
The system informs the driver via the
trip computer and warning system 1
that the tyres are sufficiently inflated
and warns if they are underinflated or
This function is an addi-
tional driving aid.
However, the function does
not take the place of the
driver. It cannot, therefore, under
any circumstances replace the vig-
ilance or the responsibility of the
Check the tyre pressures, including
the emergency spare wheel, once a
This system monitors the tyre pressure.
Information is displayed:
– with the ignition on, when scrolling
through the trip computer and warn-
ing system information by pressing
control 2 (refer to the information
on the "trip computer and warning
system" in Section 1);
– or if there is a fault when driving
(refer to the following page to find out
more about the warning messages).
the tyre pressure can be adjusted
when cold (refer to the information on
"Tyre pressures").
If tyre pressures cannot be checked
when the tyres are cold, the recom-
mended pressures must be increased
by 0.2 to 0.3 bar (3 PSI).
Never deflate a hot tyre.
Changing a wheel
The system may take sev-
eral minutes depending on
use for the new wheel po-
sitions and pressures to be recog-
nised; check the tyre pressures after
all operations.


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