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Prolonged deactivation of the
You may permanently activate or deac-
tivate the front or rear parking distance
control separately.
From the vehicle settings customisation
menu (refer to the information on the
"Vehicle settings customisation menu"
in Section 1), select the line "front park-
ing distance control" or "rear parking
distance control" then activate or deac-
tivate the system:
: function deactivated;
: function activated.
An impact to the underside
of the vehicle (e.g.: striking
a post, raised kerb or other
street furniture) may result
in damage to the vehicle (e.g.: de-
formation of an axle).
To avoid any risk of accident, have
your vehicle checked by an ap-
proved Dealer.

Special features

Make sure that the ultrasonic sensors
are not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow,
operating faults
When the system detects an operating
fault there will be a 5-second continu-
ous beep as a warning. Consult an ap-
proved dealer.
When the vehicle is being driven at
a speed below approximately 6 mph
(10 km/h), certain noises (motorcy-
cle, lorry, pneumatic drill, etc.) may
trigger the beeping sound.



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