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"HANds-fREE" RENAULT cARd: use
Locking the vehicle
Locking using the RENAULT card
With the doors and tailgate closed,
press button 6: the vehicle will lock.
The hazard warning lights flash twice
to indicate that the doors have locked.
Note: the maximum distance at which
the vehicle locks depends on the sur-
special note:
The vehicle will not lock if:
– a door or the tailgate is open or not
properly closed;
– a card is still in zone 7 (or in the card
reader) and no other card is in the
external detection zone.
With the engine running, if, after
having opened and closed a door, the
card is no longer in the passenger com-
partment, the message "card not de-
tected" (accompanied by a beep when
the speed passes a certain level) warns
you that the card is no longer in the ve-
hicle. This prevents you driving away
after having dropped off a passenger
who has the card, for example.
The warning disappears when the card
is detected again.
After locking/unlocking the vehicle
or the tailgate only using the but-
tons on the RENAULT card, remote
locking and unlocking in hands-free
mode are deactivated.
To reactivate the "hands-free" mode:
restart the vehicle.


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