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Development Kit (EU)
4 Extending the Application Configuration
2. Define a text for the new window
Open the file l:\proj\text\d\pj.txt
Duplicate the line with the entry T_PJ_TEMPLATE_W
In the duplicate, replace the character string 'TEMPLATE_W' with
'APP_SUB1' by selecting 'TEMPLATE_W', entering the new text
APP_SUB1 in <Edit> <Replace> starting the individual replace
operation with <Find Next> and replacing the text with <Replace> and
<Find Next>.
Save pj.txt
Convert the text by performing another complete build:
<Project> <Build PROJ>
A new app.c is created in proj\app, because when a text in the master
language (German 'd') is changed, the corresponding include file and its
dependent c files are generated again.
In all other languages except 'd' an error occurs during the text
conversion, because a new symbol has been introduced to the master
language d. You can ignore this error for now. You can remedy the error
now or later by adding the text Id 'T_PJ_APP_SUB1' to the pj.txt files in
all language directories as described above.
3. Create the standard objects for a window from a template
A new file is created for the window to be generated and prepared
identifiers are renamed for the objects for the new window.
Open the project L:\proj\app\obj_c800\app.mak
Open the file L:\proj\app\src\templ_w.c
To prevent accidental modifications to this template file, select
the option 'Read Only' in the Open File dialog box (on the right,
under the Help button).
Copy templ_w.c to a new file, e.g. app_sub1.c by selecting
<File> <Save As> app_sub1.c
Replace the character string 'TEMPLATE_W' globally with 'APP_SUB1',
<Edit> <Replace>
If you perform the replace operations with individual prompting,
you can see which object and list IDs are affected.
Save app_sub1.c
You have now generated and assigned identifiers to the basic elements
of the window. These IDs - with the exception of the Text IDs edited in
step 2 - must now be declared to the system (see below).
SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the Operator Interface OP 030 (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
(in the L:\proj\app\src directory)
© Siemens AG, 2001. All rights reserved


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