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Operating steps
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SINUMERIK 840D/810D Configuring the OP 030 Operator Interface (FBO) – 09.01 Edition
An event list (EVENT_LIST) must be activated explicitly with the macro
OPEN_EVENT_LIST and deactivated again with CLOSE_EVENT_LIST.
Generally, an open list (OPEN_LIST) is used for activation and a close list
CLOSE_LIST) is used for deactivation.
The reactions are configured in a reaction list (REACTION_LIST).
Activation is by means of a reference in the window definition block.
Give softkey a designation:
Configuration Guide: DRAW_SOFTKEY
Set a double variable:
Configuration Guide: SET_DOUBLE
Activation/deactivation of a function (e.g. setting a double variable):
Configuration Guide: SKIP_IF
Starting point: Source file OEM_4
1. Open the OEM_4.MAK application in the MSVC Workbench.
2. Open the APP_WIN1.C application source files.
3. Configure event list (EVENT_LIST),
reaction list (REACTION_LIST),
open list (OPEN_LIST) and
close list (CLOSE_LIST).
4. Enter external references in the application list directory AP_L_DIR.H and
enter references in the window definition block.
5. Open the event list in the open list using the macro OPEN_EVENT_LIST.
Close the event list in the close list using the macro CLOSE_EVENT_LIST.
6. Configure WATCH_EVENT that reacts to the change R10 > 100.
Configure WATCH_EVENT that reacts to the change R10 ≤ 100.
7. Define both event codes in an application include file (e.g. APP_INCL.H).
8. Configure the softkey designation, irrespective of the respective event
code, using the macro DRAW_SOFTKEY in the reaction list.
9. In order to enable the softkey function "Reset R10" as a function of the
status of R10, before the SET_DOUBLE a step function SKIP_IF must be
configured which, depending on the content of R10, may or may not jump
the next command(s).
Introduction to Configuring (PSE)
8 Examples


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