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Operator's Guide (BA)
3 Operation

Load tool

Tool size (4 characters)
Length 1 of tool (8 characters)
Length 2 of tool (8 characters)
Radius of tool (8 characters)
Before a tool can be loaded, an empty location in the current magazine
must be determined.
1. Select softkey "Find loc." or "Empty loc.".
If no tool data are displayed except for the location number (LNo.),
then the location concerned is empty.
2. Select the softkey "Load". The Tool List display appears on the
Fig. 3-20
Load tool
The display shows the list of all the tools defined in the NC.
Tool designation (max. 16 characters)
Duplo number (5 characters)
Location number (3 characters)
0 means that the tool is not contained in the magazine.
3. Use the cursor to select a tool and then select the softkey "OK".
The data are transferred to the tool management (i.e. the tool is
now loaded).
A tool that is already present in the magazine (LNo. = 0) cannot be
loaded again. If the desired tool is not defined in the list, you can create
a new tool by selecting the softkey "New tool".
The softkey "New tool" is activated only when an empty location is
You can cancel the loading process by selecting the "RECALL" key.
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